This was a campaign created by Dan Bell featuring the old school Temple of Elemental Evil (aka TOE) module but set in the Forgotten Realms. This allowed Dan to take even more artistic license than normal, while still utilising a classic adventure.

The campaign is currently suspended, but it is my hope that by re-constructing what had happened, it might be started up again.

What made the Shielding Alliance special was that from the GM’s side, Dan really gave it all in terms of believability & preparation. We’d go back to town for a few days and come back to find traps reset, guards replaced, etc. If we left for a few weeks they’d do all sorts of things, like filling it staircases, devising new ambushes, etc. In short, it always felt like the other side was a living, breathing organization and not sitting around waiting for us.

In terms of prep, Dan had the genius idea of making cardboard templates of all the rooms and corridors, labelling each one according to the map. So instead of it being drawn out as we go, he’d plop down a room and when we left it, remove it from the table. Let me tell you, that made mapping a very important thing.

For us players (one of whom being me, AvatarArt) the email discusssions- which I’m copying/pasting here allowed us to really explore our characters. In fact, everyone’s character grew and changed, like real people would. The realistic nature of how varying alignments, races, and personalities handled themselves while under the strain of constant combat came through in arguments and discussions. But we saw that as being true to what would happen.

I’ll be adding as much as I can find, and tightening up what I add. If anyone is reading about our exploits as the Shielding Alliance, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Defending those in need,

Steve G. aka Turtle Project Manager, AvatarArt

Shielding Alliance