Shielding Alliance

"“Hell has three gates: lust, anger, and greed”

wherein our heroes discuss the safety of a big pile of magic items left in an evil elemental temple

“So as you can see…. we have a ton of gear we have left behind, and may have given up to the Temple of Evil…”

OOC: For the sake of having some roleplay ‘momentum’ for next session, I’m going to pretend Treveylan is making this comment in game.

Turtle frowns and again pokes at the cloak, this time with her spoon. “How could we give up something that was not ours to begin with? Surely you don’t believe they just left this highly magical piece of defensive-wear lying around?” She waves one arm around for added emphasis. “Which is more likely: that the denizens of the Temple, knowing we’d come through that area, decided to essentially give us over 10 pieces of magical aid to help us defeat them,” she moves the other arm, “or this is yet another deception designed to trick us somehow.” She throws her spoon near the fork.

“My father used to give my sisters and I advice he learned from running the family business. And one of those was, ‘If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, so run the other way.’ I say the cloak is trapped in some manner. If there is other magic beyond the monacle which can determine its true purpose, than I say we spend gold to be certain its safe. If not, then I will volunteer to try the thing on first.”

Treveylan, “Just about ALL that we have found has been from that Temple… whether it is the coin you have procured to purchase your beloved shields, or your armor. If you are to argue that the Evil is there, yes I agree. If you are to say that the items were left as a potential trap, I can also agree with you, as I was first to consider it. But perhaps the items are also trophies of the innocent that have been slain in the many years of war and battle that was sustained here. But to allow them to fall into the Temple’s hands and their followers is a far greater detriment to our cause. If we can rid them from the Temple, then we should do so. If you do not think we should, then I will do it alone. But if that is the case, do not ask for a copper of their value if you did not want to go after them in the first place.

I do not think they merely left the items behind… it would seem that many factions in this temple are at war with each other. Some beasts may keep others at bay, while the same said beasts and enemies may not have any need for these items or said gifts. My father and clan had many sayings, but one that sticks to my mind is this:

Use what you can along your path, what you may find may be useful, and if it is so, perhaps the gods have placed it there for your benefit. Perhaps not, but that is the fate of the gods to decide.

I come from a place far harsher than this, and we have used what we can from the earth and from our surroundings. If we are to leave it to our enemies, then we may fall to the said gifts that may have been provided for us. That above all would be pure folly.”

Didius is furiously scribing on a piece of parchment.

Pertinax arches an eyebrow.”Before we let our tempers get the best of us let’s remember that the statues were not unguarded. There was that creature of light, the will of the wisp, which is very hard to get rid of unless you have the right spells and the right arcane might behind your magenars.”

“In any case, it does seem strange that such a powerful item is left in that room. I do not have the necessary spells to pry further into the cloak but it would be useful to ask a more experienced wizard to do so on our behalf. Of course, gold is going to be involved.”



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