Shielding Alliance

and the not diplomatic way to do things

Didius, who has been very quiet while sipping some juice from a goblet, says: “If possible, could I be present during this attempt to convert the criminals? I would like to dedicate at least one song in what surely will be my magnum opus to this pursuit.”

Turtle nods emphatically, then pauses. “Well, if its ok with Treveylan.” She looks over towards the ranger bashfully.

Turning to Turtle, “Please do not attempt to use your feminine wiles on me,

(Turtle’s mouth drops)

..they will do little to convince me to turn the evil doers. Just be forthcoming and do not try to be coy about it.”

(She looks angry and her hands clench the chair)

“I dislike when I am used as a pawn of anyone’s ideas. If you want me to help, ask for my help. Do not try to gain my assistance with foolishness.”

(Her eyes squint together and you hear the chair cracking)

“We are a team and should treat each other as such. I will help, but if at any point it seems hopeless, I may rescind my efforts. Chan is probably more akin to our efforts, whereas Feldron may be much more difficult to turn to the light. he may be lost forever already.”

STVE OOG: Dude, you TOTALLY have the wrong meaning for that word.

(Turtle sits, stewing angrily for a minute before closing her eyes and muttering Holy verses to herself as Treveylan walks out)

Watching Treveylan walk away from the breakfast table Florent gleefully joins in the conversation: “Turtel you two timing whore! ‘Ow you flirt with the ‘alf-elf when you’ve just given me your apple core. Everyone knows this is universal invitation to plant my seed in you.” Florent then ducks to avoid the anticipated flying projectile sent his way. ‘Ow come we ‘ave woman who acts more like man in this party, and male ‘alf-elf who acts more a woman? Good work on stirring up pot without me. Nothing like morning drama to start off the day!”

Pertinax “Perhaps, but I think the disadvantages outweight the advantages. In any case, this is empty rhetoric until we have an actual proposed course of action regarding Nulb.” “Speaking of which, we need Furnock. I will check his room.”

Pertinax walks up to Furnock’s room an knocks on the door.

STEVE OOG: Roberto had this in another email, but given Treveylan’s abruptly leaving, I thought it made more sense for the elf to wait. ‘berto, what do you think? btw, Pertinax was replying ‘perhaps in response to Turtle’s idea of having some members check out Nulb.

SOOOOO…then we move on to the player discussion of this.

BRIAN: Not if you have been giving him grief about much of what he does a good portion of the campaign, I don’t. {have wrong definition of ‘bashful’)

STEVE RESPONSE: the major source of grief for Treveylan is Florent, period. trying to say Turtle picks on him ‘a good portion of the campaign’ is wacky. hell, she just stood up for him 30 seconds ago in game when Pertinax made a comment.

BRIAN: He does not know if you are using it to try to sway him to your side of the perspective, or not.

STEVE RESPONSE: the ‘it’ being her tits? I think you confused ‘bashfully’ with ‘batted’’ as in ‘bat your eyes’ at someone. if I was going to have a character make a seductive pass, I would use a lot more description for the body language. i get how you thought Pertinax was being sarcastic (hell, I thought it too) but I’m taken-aback why you’d think she’d suddenly prostitute herself. thats nothing like how I’m trying to play this character.

so kids, to be crystal, PLEASE let the record reflect that Turtle was NOT flirting with Treveylan. She was reluctant to impose on him and not sure how to ask for a favor. That’s it. Only the goal of saving these schmuck’s souls kept her from flipping out. Hey, thats what women do when you say insensitve shit like; “Vasectomy? In another few years you’ll hit menopause”

BRIAN: As your character has griped about his (Treveylan’s) lineage, the rope of climbing and many other things, he treats much of what Turtle says as baited.

STEVE RESPONSE: THATS how you remember my character?! Not for any of the plethora of good ideas/tactics/party changers?!

You suck. Turtle has a kick-ass resume.

ROBERTO: Man, I love e-roleplaying.


ROBERTO: In all fairness, regardless of the dictionary definition, appearing to be bashful is a time-honored flirting technique. The question is whether Turtle is genuinely bashful or putting the moves on Treveylan. I’m guessing Treveylan bombed his sense motive check here though.

BRIAN: didn’t roll one.. didn’t want to… refer to reasoning in previous email

DAN: I love the ‘you suck’ part



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