Shielding Alliance

and where we are now, thanks to last session

We were all pretty tired, and since Dan had awarded us 200 XP apiece for the email roleplaying we did the weeks before, (some of which I mentioned previously) we kept to town.

The Alliance sold stuff, bought stuff, dropped stuff off at the armorer’s, and at some point Furnock went off using his new spider cloak to do his own sneaky-sneak, aided by Elven Dextrousness right before a revelrie. Too bad that new fuzzy cloak did not come with spider sense, as he became poisoned (alas, not via a spider) but he avoided a poisoned gas bladder plus survived the whole deal, so he got XP- catching up!

Florent, aided by his Jiminey Crickett Phylactery of No Torture, (i.e. a Phlactery of Faithfulness that Turtle has bought him to help keep him on the straight & narrow) left to go to Helm’s house, although he heard of the plan to check out the shady trader’s shack and warned against it. Pertinax, Turtle, Treveylan knew of the plan/went to sleep. In game, they are not yet aware of him being poisoned, although when he wakes up the next morning all green and spitting up blood…

So that morning when we wake up will officially be Day 1 in town, and Day 3 (?) away from the Temple.



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