Shielding Alliance

Born Again Cleric

“One, we do research from Boourns about beings made from water, as the Water Temple will have them if the Earth Temple did. Two, we make preparations to get wet, as it is a safe bet we’ll have to swim at some point. I’m not bad in the water, but there are ways to help even the dryest landlubber.” She adjusts a soot-stained boot.

FLORENT:”Uh, pardon moi… Did you say swim? I no so good at swimming. Let me re-phrase this. I no swim at all. I sink. Quickly. Maybe preparations are good idea.”

“The line is a metaphor, symbolic of my not moving from a position, Helm with us or not. ‘Hold the line,’ and all. Again, we check out as many rooms on this level as possible, but return to Hommlett immediately afterwards and spend some weeks preparing before we return to go deeper.” FLORENT: “Weeks! No, we cannot wait weeks while evil grows. No think you that the Tempel de Water people already know about us? Already we ‘ave seen ‘ow they are adapting, bringing flaming oil to pour on our shield wall, and weapons to disarm us. I no want to give them weeks to prepare for us, swimming or no swimming.”

“Forgive me- I meant ‘several series of seven days successively.’ Turtle blusters on. “Just enough time for a quick trip up to the Gate and back for the necessary supplies that Hommlett can’t provide.” She moves over to the corpse of the ‘mummy’ that Furnock has been checking and picks up the cowl to make it ‘move.’ “You don’t want to meet these guys without some new equipment do you?” She lets it drop, but turns back to Florent. “And while I have respect for your god, this mission is no more Helm’s than it is Chauntea’s. I have not decided yet on a patron, mostly because one has not yet moved me, but I would feel more comfortable if you’d tone down your zeal. Actions speak louder than words and your faith is clear.” She smiles diplomatically, but clearly is getting frustrated with the constant preaching.

FLORENT: “You ‘ave no yet ‘eard the call of ‘Elm, I am mean, decided on a patron? I am ‘appy to ‘ear this, shield sister. I see the Protector already at work within you, through your actions in defense and vigilance. Praise be to ‘Elm! As for my zeal, you mean this bright light on the front of my shield? Eet is a ‘oly symbol of ‘Elm that has been blessed to always shine. I no think it has a dimmer switch.

Sighing again Turtle replies, “No, I have not heard his call, but I am happy to aid his goals, especially if they include us getting guidance and supplies at one of his larger temples in the Gate.” She looks around for support at this idea. “Of course we don’t need to vote right now- let’s finish this part of the temple first like we’ve agreed to.”

Furnock over up at Turtle and says “I hate this place the sooner we leave the better. As to who has agreed to YOUR proposed plan of action, that has not been decided yet.”



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