Shielding Alliance

different paths leading up the same mountain

aka let's all convert to Helm!

A clearly confused Florent looks at Turtle. “You ‘ave taken vows?” A big smile of evangelic joy comes to his face. “Welcome to the fold of ‘Elm, Sister Turtel! This is great news. I know ‘Elm ‘ears my prayers. Praise be to ‘Elm!” Moving closer to Turtle he whispers “you can keep ‘aving sex and no break your vows, though. I no think this purity thing is requirement of ‘Elm. The Protector still answers my prayers after my exploits…” OOG: Bluff check?

“Trevelyan, you are next on my conversion list. And as for shooting at allies, I so no thank you pour moi. If there is good chance at ‘itting me, no shoot me. Step up and ‘elp our shoot something farther away.”

Turning to Florent, the smile lessens. “Nay, shield brother, I have not entered the Watcher’s fold. While I have the upmost respect for the Vigilant One’s objectives, sadly, I could not commit to him. Helm is indeed lawful, but I have not seen the goodness that I am searching for within his followers.” Her eyes meet his. “I feel you are too zealous in carrying out what you see as his mission, and in the process, are ignoring vital Helmite dogma despite my warnings. Meanwhile those in Helm’s service living in Hommlett have clearly become too lax, allowing this evil {a gesture towards the Temple} to flourish. But it was visions of another being, one of both law and of good, which has guided my heart into the service of the Seven Heavens. And I am much at peace from it.” Her visage is of calm serenity.

“That is alright, Turtel. No everyone can ‘as what it takes to be a priest of ‘Elm. The responsibilities and powers are both great. I am sure you will serve him well as his paladin, though. Let me know if you ‘ave trouble discerning the meaning of ‘Elm’s visions. For example, I am pretty sure ‘Elm only ‘as one ‘eaven, no seven. Your rookie mistake is understandable, for the mysteries of ‘Elm are great indeed!”

“Be sure she does not mean YOUR god Florent..

We each serve our own deities, or none at all, but I am pretty sure that you will not win any of us to Helm’s grace with your overzealous following.

When I grew up in the Shae I followed the Great Goddess Chauntea.. but I have moved further from her will as I continue on this path.In her stead I have decided to follow the great Lord of Battles… Tempus. His will and actions are mare akin to my path and thus it is He whom I serve. I will not be swayed to follow Helm… for the models and examples he has provided thus far are not sufficient for my conversion. Though I am sure he is a great and benevolent god..

Florent says, “Pardon moi, messiur Treveylan, but you are mistaken. Great is the mercy of ‘Elm, but ‘e does ‘ave standards for ‘is followers. You are no in consideration for joining ‘is fold, barring a miracle of ‘is grace and power.”

OOG: For those of you keeping score, that would be dig, set, and spike. Side out, Hood.

Even Helms grace could not forgive your rash and blind devotion. But again I am not concerned for his grace or acceptance. But if he is such a forgiving deity, then as an example of his followers, shouldnt you also mimic his ideals and actions?

If greatness is determined by blindness. then you would be his greatest follower. However, I would rather be a one-eyed man among the blind if that is the case.

Florent, I do not want to argue with you… but it seems that is all you and I seem to do.

Turning to the rest, On the notion of SOP can we agree not to try to convert anyone any further and leave the topic of Gods amongst those that truly care to discuss them, the priests and clerics.



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