Shielding Alliance

Florent faces the birds

LUKE: So we are in the middle of combat with harpies?

ROBERTO: Not quite in the middle. In fact I think only Florent the quick is aware of the damn things. The harpies were doing something. There is something in the middle of the room. I just don’t remember what.

Get ready for some will saves! Furnock’s favorites.

LUKE: I don’t know if Furnock actually has a will to be honest. He is more of a ‘yes-man’ rogue.

BRIAN: There were two bodies (one male, one female) chained to an alter-like slab of stone, smooth on all sides and surrounded by giant rats and foxes (or some other animals)... the floor is teeming with the animals.. and seemed to take no notice of the Helmite Priest

There were also a couple harpies sitting in alcoves watching the whole spectacle… and noticed Florent and were just opening their mouths… when…..

STEVE: Florent interrupts them in his ‘obnoxious yet zealous voice’, “Enemies of the Shielding Aliiance, I had hoped to roll really crappy against you, but due to my getting several guest NPC’s preggers, I am going to have to follow Bilbo, Frodo, and Gonzo and head off to where the Elves live.”


With the approval of Dan, Chris and the rest of the group I will explain the situation and ask my housemmate Rob if he is available to fill in for a few months. Rob has gamed many a time before, but admittedly not 3.0/3.5/3.75; that being said, he’s a quick study and enjoys listening to my re-caps.

If Chris can conceivably come back, perhaps he can take over when Rob leaves {again} for Vancouver, if Florent has not been turned into Harpy Chow. Or Gealtinous Cube feed. Or a Treveylan target.

This is simply a suggestion to allow the character to coninue on. Failing Rob, maybe someone else?



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