Shielding Alliance

Gotta 'ave Faith

OOG: Florent adds a George Michael “Gotta Have Faith” dance into his ‘I Told You So’.

IFH: (In Florent’s Head) Florent looks into the weapons closet and sings the praises of Helm. As the stakes get higher and the Temple more deadly, the party is becoming stressed and edgy. All he wanted to do was follow the will of Helm, and yet his companions were so filled with doubt. The she warrior grumbled and pouted. The half elf made some grand speech about how he doesn’t trust me. Such fear, doubts, and lack of faith. But they could not hear your voice. They cannot know the peace that comes with direct communication with you, O mighty Protector. “Stay true, Be Brave”. You imprinted these words on my heart, and I will cling to them now, when the evil of this place seeks to disrupt our communion. I will stay vigilant. I will stay true. I will be brave.

“Praise be to ‘Elm!” Florent proclaims for the tenth time. His smiling face turns from the weapons closet to the party with the joy of vindication. “No I say to you that ‘Elm would provide? You worry that they are no magical, but they will be just what we need, you wait and see.” Florent picks up one of the javelins and tests its balance. “I am no so good with a sword or a bow as some of you, but I think I could throw one of these with some force. ‘Ow you want to divide these weapons?”

Treveylan looks again at the zealous youth. “I do not think that any of these (pointing directly at the weapons) are the weapon your god referred to. What were his words… exactly? Did he not mention the “lands of good”? Perhaps while he spoke to you, there was more emphasis on certain words in his statement? Perhaps, and I suspect that we may be right in our guess, that this Map is the true weapon. Knowledge, above all things is, a more potent weapon, especially when it reveals your enemy. Without knowledge all that we have, all that we do, is nothing. We would have no armor, no weapons, no magic, no food, no life. While these physical weapons might help us, I am not sure that they are what your god was referring to. But I am sure you will not listen to my wisdom either as you are brash and blind in your devotion. Gods may word their desires, but those words may also need to be deciphered. Anything simply stated is not necessarily the true meaning… perhaps the words are a play upon themselves?” He turns to see if anyone else might believe this to be possible.

“Even though we have found these weapons, I feel that we have somehow missed something. While we have the time, perhaps we can do a more thorough search, to be sure that nothing was left unturned; nothing has gone unchecked.”



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