Shielding Alliance

High Elven Arrogance

“Ellilin. We fight well together. You keep the abominations away from me and I blast them with High Elven Arcana. I can almost hear the screams of the Ancient Souls, those who died before their time. I will learn to channel their disembodied voices and bring swift judgement to the evil in these halls.”

After noticing that no one is paying attention to him because of the theological discussion and because everyone is tired of his arrogance, Pertinax shrugs his thin shoulders.

“Aye (OOC:Espruar for yes, believe it or not) it would be wise to prepare before we venture down. There is not only the Water Temple, but also the Fire Temple mentioned in the previous battle. It stands to reason that there should also be an Air Temple. I don’t know about weeks but I think we need to explore this level and then head back to Hommlet, decide what to do about new equipment and then come back here as swiftly as possible. We don’t want the other temples to have too much time.”



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