Shielding Alliance

magic mushrooms

Austin took the reigns of Monsieur Furnock. We didn’t go to town so no new super-frilly shirt for him. Steve did do a live action impersonation of the drunken Furnock for all of us. We were forced to pee in the basement sink. Hopefully Steve is feeling better today although I doubt it.

Anyway, Florent was using his spell to track the head and it pointed downwards and to the southwest. We used the southwesternmost stairs to go down. Furnock checked the door for traps quickly and opened the lock. We saw a strange room filled with mushrooms of different colors. Florent walked right in and an attractive young woman offered guidance through the forest of mushrooms. We sent in the diplomat and TReveylan attempted to converse with the woman but she in turn touched him aggresively and sapped the half-elf’s copious wisdom. Only Furnock saw this aggresive act though and the rest of the party was confused. Treveylan the diplomat took out his flaming sword and wounded the woman. The woman shrieked and begged for someone to stop the crazy half-elf. FLorent attempted to disarm Treveylan while Sir Jeffers remarked that the half elf had gone mad. Sulmia seemed hesitant probably due to the shaky nature of the relationship between Florent and the Prince. Furnock piped in and explained what he had seen and Pertinax used some High Elven Vengeanceon the woman. At this point Florent had disarmed Treveylan and Sir Jeffers had pinned the poor, wisdom-deficient half elf. Florent joined the grapple and so did Furnock. Furnock was attempting to pull Jeffers off Treveylan while Florent simply piled on. The woman fled while Pertinax recognized the signs of magical compulsions on Florent and Jeffers which he promptly dispelled. The wrestlers stood up in time to see three approaching creatures with leonine lower bodies and human female upper bodies. A fight ensued while Pertinax yelled “it’s only one creature, the other two are illusions!”. Soon the beast with the face of the woman who ensorcelled Florent and Jeffers laid on the floor dead. It had some magical items and jewelry which we promptly confiscated in the name of all that’s good.

The party moved on and found a circular room filled with strange statues of powerful mosnters like dragons, beholders and the like. Florent pressed on before his spell fizzled while a luminous ball got out from behind a statue and attacked whomever was closest to it. A few magenars and futile weapon swings later the creature was destroyed but only after dissappearing and damaging Pertinax who did the bulk of the damage.

Florent then found a room with harpies on it and that’s where we are. So it was non-stop action and it still hasn’t stopped.

BRIAN: Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd we did not get to level up…. thanks to Florent’s rash running ahead… ; P

To clarify what type of statues were in the circular room…..

Smaller Blue Dragon Beholder Mummy Medusa Wight Fire Giant Manticore Rakshasa

Also, each had some item in front of them or on the, or on each statue… Treveylan told Furnock not to touch ANYTHING… as it seemed most likely to be a trap

LUKE: jeez… teenagers when do they ever act rashly. As to Furnock not touching anything. How does said rogue disarm possible traps without the use of his arms? He has no Psionic powers. Since when did his Highness start beating Furnock on his search checks. Furnock will withdraw to the rear in the light of Trevelyn’s superior rogue abilities

BRIAN: It has nothing to do with his search checks… call it a “gut instinct”... all that loot just laying around with monstrous statues watching their prizes… just kinda screams “trap” to the Scout…

and rather than risk setting anything off… or possibly freeing anyone of those beasts (of which you don’t want to fight)... it is better left untouched… for now.

ROBERTO: Dear Mr Furnock;

We have evaluated your request to join Beta Team and at this time we regret to have to deny your application. Given your skill-set we feel the best position for you is at the point in team Alpha.

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. Keep up the good work!

Beta Team

LUKE: Disarming traps gives us experience. So doesn’t that help us get towards that next level?

BRIAN: Yes…. but…. we are still in the middle of battle… or are about to be again… it has been non-stop



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