Shielding Alliance

Nice view from up here

Don't drop acid; I mean, no drop moi into the acid, si vous plait.

Waves of evil wash over Florent as he edges around the precipice. Normally he is not bothered by heights, but the unease of the place has added a sense of vertigo. Making fun of the skittish half-elf is easier than acknowledging his own fears. Still, there do seem to be advantages from their current vantage point. Higher ground is always a plus. The wall of the corridor on both sides that did not fall away provides cover, and would allow the group to spread out. It also seems like this is their only way to proceed. Florent still struggles to know if he is doing the will of Helm in situations where a quick decision is necessary. Was it good sense and prudence to back away from the powerful cleric, and let his destroy the middle level of the temple? Destroying the temple certainly is one of Florent’s, and most likely, Helm’s goals. But he also let collapse tunnels and retreat without a challenge. Should he have attacked and at least tested the cleric’s ability to maintain such spells and defend himself? Doubts plague Florent, but doubts have no place in the heart of a man of faith, do they? Florent shakes his head to clear these esoteric musings. Focus. Be Vigilant. Helm will provide.

Turning to the group, Florent addressese the Alliance. “Mes Amis. ‘Elm ‘as provided once again with this storehouse. My suggestion is that we spread out along the ledge and then lower a lamp into the darkness. We ‘ave ‘igher ground, and can perhaps lure something out to learn more. Retreat is a problem with this whole cave-in thing, but I no want to retreat anyway. Evil must be crushed.”

OOG: This would definitely be one of those times when I would have reloaded the last save point and then attacked Tornado Tom (aka the High Priest of the Air Temple) just to see if he could be beat or retreating was the wise choice afterall. I love the non-linear sense of the adventure path, knowing that we can take the story in different directions. I am hoping this baby stays in the oven for at least a few more weeks so she gets bigger and so I can see where this story goes.

Dan, sorry about leaving the greasy pan at your place. My bad.



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