Shielding Alliance

Of gods and humans...

or, the elves talk religion

Seemingly disinterested in the discussion about human deities Pertinax suddenly offers, almost with a shrug:

“Helm has healed us and aids us in this endeavor. For that I am grateful. I am not surprised, for Corellon is a friend of Helm and such a fine elven deity wouldn’t befriend a human unless he was indeed exceptional. I could say that you have all proven the same and as such you count this elf as your friend and companion. Perhaps there is hope for humanity.”

“Now Tempus, I know little of him, but I thought him a most martial and combative sort. Not really a protector of much but more of an aggresive force. Xuntuiven, my people call him. The Destroyer. Perhaps there are other aspects of him I ignore. Do illuminate us with your most charismatic discourse Treveylan.

“Well, I suppose most of what you say is true Pertinax… but Tempus is not merely known for his war savvy. His followers, particularly the priests, keep warfare a thing of rules and respected reputation… while also trying to work to minimize uncontrolled bloodshed and to end pointless extended feuding. They also fight to protect all civilization from the monstrosities that inhabit this earth, but severely punish those who fight dishonorably, or with cowardice.

All who have fallen are honored by the Feast of the Moon, which is held each year. Each of the temples have a Feast of Heroes at highsun, and a Song of the Fallen at sunset. Most temples also have a Song of the Sword ceremony after dark for the layfolk.

Tempus does not win battles himself, and is known to favor one army, or soldier one day, while he may favor another the next. His favor is random, but eventually he favors everyone equally.

Tempus regards all life equally, whether friend or foe. All that have fallen should be remembered… friend or foe. As Tempus would not want anyone to disparage any foe, but to respect all, for valor shines in all regardless of their age, their sex, or even their race.

His is a just God, and should be respected, but no less than any of your own patron deities…

But that is enough on that… I am beginning to sound as zealous as the young lad here…,” a sly wink in Florent’s direction.



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