Shielding Alliance

once shot, twice shy

wherein Turtle talks about some spiritual things

Furnock groans,shakes his head. ” I agree if I’m in the mouth of a stinky garbage beast again just beat the bejeez out of it up close. I’m not particularly tough. I have not great shell like turtle, eh.”

Turtle gives a pitying glance at the sick rogue. “Furnock, I apologize for hitting you. At the time, I believed shooting from afar at the creature to be the best choice. Again I am sorry. I do feel it is wrong to harrangue party members for accidents. Given the numerous shots we take in the course of the countless battles we’ve fought in, it should be no surprise that there are occasional mistakes. I would place that to be less than 1 in 20, although shooting directly into a melee is indeed trickier.”

Turning to Pertinax, “I thank you for your offer to teach. There are several tactics that groups as a whole can learn so that they work more effectively together, from evading friendly spells to sweeping for invisible foes to joint Bull Rushes or Grapples. For the time being however, I myself am focusing on strengthening my soul.” She gives another sad glance at the hiccuping gambler before continuing. “I have already sworn a holy oath to protect Hommlett. This is why I have continued along with this cause, when clearly we are well over our heads.” She holds a hand up so she can continue. “I have also sworn a Vow of Purity to avoid contact with dead flesh. This is why I no longer assist with searching the fallen. I can feel that it will be soon time to make another such pledge, and, partially to inspire our friend, I will foreswear alcohol.”

She squats, stretching her hands. “In any event, I would still rather have my companions do whatever they can to help me, even if by doing so my life is put at risk. Perhaps shooting into melee is a personal decision, much akin to being raised or not being raised. As such, I am saying to all that if I am grappled or otherwise held against my will, I want you to use whatever force possible to set me free.”

She looks around for the inevitable discussion.

Pertinax arches an eyebrow.

“A Vow of Purity? (OOC:Shudders at stuff from the Book of Exalted Deeds) Interesting. I have heard of such things. Aside from not touching dead flesh, can you eat meat?, what else does this entail?”

Turtle smiles uncomfortable, and visibly shies away from Florent’s proximity. “Umm, to answer your question Pertinax, foresaking meat is indeed part of the requirement. If I fight corporeal undead such as zombies, I will have to spend time re-purifying myself with prayer and holy water. I may also touch the dead if attempting to restore them to life.”

She wipes her hands. “I would submit to you all that there are times when we would not want someone else in our band to engage a beast hand-to-hand. Whether our friends are incapacitated {motioning to Furnock here} or grievously wounded themselves, it is sometimes making the situation worse having them enter the fray directly.” She shrugs. “Ultimately it is a personal choice, but I would not want someone else to die because of their efforts to save me. Better one drown than two, although I am sure we would all jump in the water to rescue each other.” Smile here.

Turning to Florent, the smile lessens. “Nay, shield brother, I have not entered the Watcher’s fold. While I have the upmost respect for the Vigilant One’s objectives, sadly, I could not commit to him. Helm is indeed lawful, but I have not seen the goodness that I am searching for within his followers.” Her eyes meet his. “I feel you are too zealous in carrying out what you see as his mission, and in the process, are ignoring vital Helmite dogma despite my warnings. Meanwhile those in Helm’s service living in Hommlett have clearly become too lax, allowing this evil {a gesture towards the Temple} to flourish. But it was visions of another being, one of both law and of good, which has guided my heart into the service of the Seven Heavens. And I am much at peace from it.” Her visage is of calm serenity.


Pertinax arches an eyebrow.

I knew Elves were the dnd equivalent of Vulcans!

“As for the other topic of conversation, in the spirit of the Shielding Alliance, I agree that we should each voice our wishes. If a creature has taken me into it’s emrace, do not shoot. Just jump in and help me out like some of you did when the invisible thief critter attacked me. If I am suddennly in melee, do not shoot either. Join me in melee.”

Furnock looks very confused. “Oye lov’y Turddle whers go’n oyn? Who bes you’r god? Scouty ’s been a gallynipper. Me elvish is qui’t kipper, eh? No more lollygagging! backen to Hommerlet.”

Turtle squints, as if trying to discern the meaning out of the air itself. “I’m sorry Furnock, your accent has relapsed back to the old days when it was too thick. I think I get what you’re saying…”

Hey eyes widen and smiling, she tries Elvish. “Can you say what you said before, but this time using Pertinax’s tongue?”



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