Shielding Alliance

some sense and sensibility

wherein our band has to once more decide whether to push on or recoup

Pertinax, “This was a tough fight, but I am inclined to attempt to find a safe spot to rest here on this level and then press on. I don’t know what else we could hope to accomplish on the second level. That priest of air seems to have finished the job on our behalf.”

Turtle nudges a now motionless helmet with a toe. “I know that you’re all impressed with my speed as is,” she quips dryly, “so I think I’ll stick to the chain shirt and leave the ‘swapping armor with the forces of evil’ routine to Florent.” She blows a raspberry at him. Straightening her hair. “Pertinax, I am worried if these mere animated guards were immune to your Art that the demoness will be also unaffected. In fact, did we not see evidence of TWO demons?” She shakes her head again. “Where would we camp? In the room with the evil tiled Floor of Death or in the room with the earthen ground, that Something Hideous will no doubt erupt horridedly from?” She shakes her head again. “I don’t think there is any ‘safe spot to rest’ in these parts,” Turtle says, with an eye fixed toward the darkness. I’d much rather hike back up to at least the previous so we can have, if nothing else, a height advantage. And I thought there was still one passageway, albeit filled with water, that we might investigate further.”

“Well, it certainly seems to me like we need a vote. Do we return to the upper levels now or do we stay at this level and attempt to rest here or perhaps even push on? Just because these two recent creatures were resistant to magic does not mean that others will be. In any case, my bow seems to work fine on other creatures. I am far from useless even without the use of my magics.”

“Florent, how much magic did you use in this encounter? I still have quite a bit left. I vote that we stay in this level and either push on if our magics are not depleted or we find a relatively safe spot to rest. I believe the upper levels hold little more for us to do, flooded passageways notwithstanding.”

“Well, they would be safer than an unexplored level home to at least one demon.” Turtle shrugs. “Resting down here would be pointless, as sooner or later something from one of the numerous evil rooms would interrupt our sleep, catching us when we’re most defensible. But even if Florent has a lot of magic left, it would be wise to approach this part of our campaign with caution- with the elemental temples effectively destroyed or disbanded, the slime demon is stuck down here without arms or legs.” Turtle does her best impression of a quadrapelgic.

“I think rushing ahead at this stage is reckless; if things are immune to magic, then magic which affects us through Elven speed or Helm blessing need to be prepared as much as possible. Perhaps you can advise us on the nature of demons Pertinax, so that we have some idea of what we’re up against.” Turtle looks hopefully to the elf for him to avoid a TPK.

Pertinax, “Using caution is always a good course of action, but we must also advance at some point. Powerful demons share some things in common, for example it is wise to use weapons that have been aligned with a good power and preferably made of cold iron. That is used against the most powerful demons. The problem is that others, which we might call devils, are susceptible to different materials like alchemical silver. Until we know more about our specific foe we won’t be able to predict much about it’s weaknesses. That is why we must push on, to investigate more. The bottom line is that we don’t know what we need to defeat the Demoness and the answer must lie down here.”

Pertinax then points to the room with the door few people can look at.

“Besides, I think the Demoness is still bound behind those doors with the magical wards. It only makes sense. Otherwise we’d be dead already.”



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