Shielding Alliance

the diplomatic way to do things

Pertinax: “Perhaps another option would be to magically contact our allies but that could be hard to do without attracting attention to them.”

Turtle nods. “I’m sure those ‘old hags’ already have some system for reporting in, but I’m curious as to what, if anything they’ve learned so far. Have our activities produced any noticeable changes in Nulb?” She flicks an apple core at Florent. “Furnock would have better ideas for spying than me, yet after beating down giants I’m not scared of some bandits. It was one thing to scurry through there when we were greenhorns, but if it saves time going through there, we go through there and woe be the bandits foolish enough to challenge us.”


I remember the Hommolet-cleric-Helm-dude (I forgot his name) being concerned about not hearing from his boss one of the ‘hags’. So I don’t believe the town has contact with the ‘hags’.


Yeah, that sounds vaguely familiar, ala the door that we couldn’t go through that Brian was talking about

Pertinax, “Well, it’s one thing to not be scared and quite another to invite aggression. We don’t know what kind of forces are in Nulb. A planned ambush, given that they know how we like to fight, could be quite deadly.”

Turtle bursts out laughing. “I’m sorry, but that’s just funny since we’re always racing off to hunt down a slime demon.”

Pertinax looks perturbed. “I’m not sure why you find this amusing. Defeating the temple is our self-appointed mission and we return to fight the evil we know is there. That’s quite different than inviting fights in Nulb too when we may not have to.”

“So we’re worried about bandits, but not demons?” Turtle shrugs again. “There’s advantages and disadvantages to splitting our forces. Our party sure has grown from when I started. Any more people join and we can have a whole other team. Maybe inky can lead it.” She crunches on some more toast. “And one day Chan, or even Feldron could be a part of what we do.”

Pertinax, “If Treveylan can’t move them to repent with his honeyed tongue then no one can.” Pertinax says.

Turtle frowns. “I know you’re being sarcastic, but Treveylan was the one who was able to convince Meelub that our mutual arrangement for discounts deserved that 3,000 (?) gp larger scale. Heck, even though it was my idea, it’d never have gone anywhere without him speaking it.”

OOC: Turtle is talking about how we’ll get the 10% bonus to buying/selling for items up to, I believe a 6,000 gp cap. A major coup for us financially.

“Turtle, I was not being sarcastic. Treveylan may have a temper that gets the better of him sometimes but there is no question that when he is focused he is a very good negotiator.” Turtle holds up her hands in mock defense, appearing skeptical.

Treveylan, “Pertinax, your sarcasm is duly noted. While I was able to gain us a better deal with Meelab, if not without the team it could not have been done. The deal was agreed at 6000gp… I was hoping for 8000, but 6000 is no small sum either,” he smiles.

Pertinax, “As I said before, I wasn’t being sarcastic. I may give you a hard time on account of you being nobility and all but your skill at diplomacy is evident.”

Treveylan, ””My apology, I appreciate your faith in my ability. As for my nobility… Trust me, I am no more noble than the next man, elf, orc… whatever. I’m just the being I am, no more, no less.”

Looking a bit more humbled, ” I am sorry that my debt had slipped my mind… it was an error. There is much I am thinking about and how to best attack the temple. I still have some coin, but if it takes giving up all my coin to make some sense of restitution, I will.” He gets up to leave, “I will be around town, if you need me look near the druids grove, or near the woods around town.”

ROBERTO: OOC:Cue in the music from the end credits of Hulk.

BRIAN: [OOC: Ooh! Ooh! Look at me! Look at me! I’m walking away now! Look here I go…]



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