Shielding Alliance

The Emperor's New Armor (but still has no clothes)

Florent feels as if their success is a sign

Didius and Pertinax exchange relieved looks after the last of the animated suits of armor is on the floor. “I am getting tired of all these critters that my magic can’t seem to affect. Thank Corellon for my Fine Elven Wood!” Pertinax taps his bow, ignoring Florent’s juvenile laughter. Pertinax moves closer to the heaps of metal and casts the spell to detect dweomers.

“Mes Amis, those guardians were tres difficile. Think you that it was their animation that made them so strong and difficile to ‘it, or the enchantment on the armor. Pertinax, are the suits still detecting strong… exaltation, as you say they were before?” Florent bends to examine the fallen heaps of plate mail. “I ‘ave say before that ‘Elm provides. Look ‘ow well Lareth’s armor work for moi, before I find this new suit I wear. Sure it looks evil, but eet is the ‘eart that matters, the faith, no the exterior. If there is armor intact and useable, I would like for you to examine eet with your fancy glasses and say to me eef eet is another gift of ‘Elm.” Florent gets a now familiar gleem of blind, fanatic faith in his eyes as he starts to imagine himself bringing destruction to the enemies of Helm in their own armor.

“Turtel, mon amis, you can no let yourself get discouraged so quickly. No I say to you that ‘Elm would provide? Why don’t you try on some of this new armor that Vigilant ‘as given us. It will ‘elp you come out of your shell.” The teen priest obviously thinks he’s hilarious. “But you know we can no go back. The evil lies ahead and we must stamp it out. Plus, I no think we ‘ave way of going back anyhow. So onward, my charges. Let us strike a fisted blow for ‘Elm for the ages.” Florent strikes a pose and looks back to see if Didious is taking notes.

Turtle shakes her head. “No doubt the Watcher would be pleased that despite fighting mindless opponents, who had no special abilities, and whom we KNEW were going to attack us, we were hard pressed to win. In fact, we needed to use much of our higher magics. I believe we are not yet ready to be down here, and should go back to the second level until we are better prepared.”

She seems sullen.

“Oui, I ‘ave most of ‘Elm’s blessings at my disposal. We are ‘ealthy, for the most part, and I am no for going back. Turtel, when you assume the demon is trapped, you make an ass out of me… no wait, ‘ow does that saying go? Anyway, I no think I can climb that rope to get back to higher level anyway, so I say we forge ahead. Time to ‘ike up that chain mail skirt of yours, Turtel. Too much caution is cowardice.”



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