Shielding Alliance

the morning after the mourning

Turtle has a dream that her sister is still alive

A yellowish sun is poking through the clouds when the last guard shift stirs the others to wake. Florent and Pertinax have finished preparing spells, and their elven guest is busy readying himself for the long journey. The column of smoke from the direction of the Temple still rises into the sky, watched with muttered breaths by the group. Turtle is the last to rise, and this morning his visage is calm, almost serene-like. When someone asks why she is such a good mood, the response comes with a smile; “I have decided to help our ernstwhile rogue ‘break from the bottle,’ so to speak. I pledged an Oath of Abstinence and from this morning forth shall no longer consume alcohol and other drugs or stimulants. Even the celebratory liquor that we drink after a successful return will be off-limits to me. It is my hope that Furnock may one day follow my example.”

She seems embarassed by the attention, yet is clearly holding back something. “Last night I was granted a vision. I saw a place many miles from here. I saw my sister. My sister is alive and well.” Her smile is practically beaming. “She was safely in the company of a large, ugly dwarf in some mansion. I can stop mourning for her as one day we will meet again.” Turtle appears to be a whole new person and here eyes look past the group, off east into the distance.



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