Shielding Alliance

Turtle asks the new bard for a favor

OOC: I’m not sending this to Luke (it might overfill his inbox) or Brian, as Furnock is apparently at the bar & Treveylan is doing his Bill Bixby impersonation.

As the ranger leaves, Turtle mutters a few choice curse words in Elvish, hands still squeezing the chair tightly. When he’s gone, she relaxes a bit, pouring yet another flagon of water, anger cooling as she drinks. “Talk about presuming.” She rolls her eyes. “The nerve.” Slam of an empty mug. “Right. Moving on. Didius, I’d very much appreciate any help you could provide, as maybe music along with the charisma-enhancing magic will soothe the savage beasts. I subdued a temple follower early on named Chan a misguided sort who could easily be returned to the fold. The other is a bit tougher.” Leaning back. “His name is Feldron and he is associated with a guild of cut throats to the north. Still, I find him honorable, and keep a slim possibility that he’s redeemable. It won’t be easy for either, but an hour a day for each while we’re here should do the trick. If you help, no matter what the result, I’ll compensate your time with a small magical item of protection.” Turtle holds a hand up to prevent a refusal.

“I insist. We’ve got to keep our resident bard around for our deeds to be shared no?” Turning to her brother. “I assume you’ll be scribing that vision scroll for our sensitive friend.” OOC: it’ll take 1 day to study it and 1 day to do the actual scribing. “But can you also spend some time researching demons and slimes? What made me laugh before was the idea of being worried about simple villagers but not preparing adequately for the slime demon.” She shrugs. “I myself would rather fight the whole population of Knulb than a slime demon.” There is a despondent look in her eyes. “We’ve had much success but I fear this foe will be beyond us.” Her expression is grim. Bashfully grim.

Furnock watches the arguing with his mouth agape and his eyes wide. Then he shakes his head and heads for the bar to get another beer.

STEVE RESPONSE: OOC: There should be a tie-in with what Furnock did/didn’t do the night before. Chris can even do it, but email-wise, we last left off with Pertinax going upstairs to knock on Furnock’s door as umm, it was likely the rogue was not going to rise early given what had happened. (also not sure that we all have separate rooms, but hey, sounds more dramatic that way)

PS OOG: All that arguing about very little fills up my email box

STEVE RESPONSE: As far as reducing emails, Roberto has mentioned having a message board for the group. Until then, we could stick brief labels in the subject line to help sort out the emails:

1. nothing but a title if its 'in game' action/dialogue
2. an 'OOC' prefix if the email is game-related, but from you, rather than your character
3. an 'OOG' prefix if its not about Sunday sessions at all



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