Shielding Alliance

unpointed anger

During his initial rambling, Turtle waits for Treveylan to finish, although there are a few times that she appears to grip her chair extra hard and at one point she does roll her eyes. However, she says nothing, shifting to watch bemusedly as Pertinax arches his eyebrow. After Treveylan clarifies his position, Turtle leans back, letting the elf respond to the statement about his abilities.

{insert reply from Roberto about Pertinax’s studying the Art}

She sips her water slowly as he talks, and clears her throat when he is done. “I believe Pertinax was commenting earlier on your remark towards my shields.” A tap on an outstretched foot onto one of the spikes. “It seemed somewhat disparaging and I’m not sure why it was said, given all that they’ve done. You’ve spoken more eloquently to merchants, dear Treveylan. My shields and honor deserve as much consideration.” Turtle gives as much of a bow from her chair as she can. “Do I take care of my weapons, as Helm teaches? Certainly. And I do indeed feel that we should continually have our items enchanted further, as faith can alone does not hold the line.” She flips an empty goblet over in her hand, catching it neatly as beads of water splash the table.

Her finger wags at the half-elf. “I’m pretty sure we ALL were thinking that there was something amiss with that room. Furnock isn’t the only one with a sense for traps. Often plain old wisdom will do the trick nicely, thank you very much. And this room does not seem right.” Motioning to the cloak again, “If this had come off a dead Temple denizen, who was wearing it, then that would make sense. If it was hidden inside a secret chamber, then that would make sense. Or even if it was just hanging in a room of a higher-echelon follower, then that would make sense. But left out in the open with other free treasure, as ‘gifts’ from our gods?” She shakes her head fiercely. “I’m sorry, but that explanation makes about as much sense as you going back alone.” She holds a hand up to be able to continue.

“While the devil light was no doubt a tricky adversary, I ask you all to question whether it alone would be the sole guardian of not only this cloak, but 9 other magical items. Was it really powerful enough to serve that role? She shakes her head again. “Much in the Temple is not what it appears to be, and what could at first look to be good with casual observation may in fact be a trap. You say the room was a trap, I say the cloak itself is the trap. Hopefully we can learn which before I try it on- perhaps with the aid of a Helm divination?” A look towards Florent.



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