Shielding Alliance

working vacation

Early the next morning Turtle strides over to the group’s tavern table for breakfast, shields in tow, dabbing her brow. “I’ve been up for a bit, doing a run.” She carefully sets the spiked weapons down before plopping down. “There’s some sense in maintaining our adventuring routine to make sure the Alliance does not lose the edge that keeps us alive.” She chugs some water and begins chowing eggs. “Did anyone hear from Furnock?” A quick look around. “That spider cloak probably came in handy. I myself am taking the boys,” a foot tap one of the spike in the tail of the celestial manticores, “over to the armorer for an upgrade.” Pausing to chew, she continues, “The enchantments will take the ten days to animate the mouths to attack on their own accord, almost as good as my own combat ability. One day I hope to have the wings themselves move, flying me into battle. Until then, this is a crucial improvement, much needed to hold the line.”

She butters up three pieces of bread. “So I’m glad that Helm blessed us with his divine grace and that his boy devotee, has developed wisdom enough for us to revitalize. This leg will be crucial towards our success and we must use this lull in the fighting properly.” Moving onto some picked fruit, she chomps on an apple. “Pertinax will no doubt spend time copying the Knock, Enhancer, and Darkvision spells into his book. It would be nice to have Slow available to us as well, but the Wand of Healing was necessary. Of course we could always sell that wonderful rope.” A brief smile. “Onto a tense subject, as far as debt goes, I’d like to suggest that we set aside argument about this until the next time we come across enough treasure to split, but agree to maintain more obvious records until then.” She reaches for the pitcher and refills her cup. “Please let it be on the record that I loaned our resident Elven wizard 703 gold for the magical inks. He’ll calculate what the scrolls themselves cost and let us know. Now that no one will be wearing that nice cloak from our friends at the Temple, Florent’s record is safe.”

A brief bow. “The Watcher protects, when he is listened to. Perhaps Florent can request additional guidance from Him before we go back.” She shrugs. “At this point we seem to not understand what exactly is going on, especially with this latest revelation of another dark side in the Temple play- that Sultan who the giants were working for. I still say that there is a connection somehow between Knulb and the Slime Demon’s forces that we should investigate.” Leaning forward. “Maybe this is something a few of us can check out during the week. Or even do a little reconnaissance on the Temple itself.” Another hunk of bread, washed quickly down with some water. “Meanwhile, if Treveylan can borrow the charisma-aiding magic and wouldn’t mind helping me speak with Feldron and Chan for an hour a day, perhaps that might be the light which brings their conversion. Will you think on assisting me? Please?” Her eyes shine brightly, yet she appears bashful at requesting the favor.



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