his true path of cowardice, debauchery, and buying a new super frilly shirt. He must have a new REALLY frilly, expensive, foppish, shirt. Its the key to finding traps and opening doors.

I’m imagining the spider cloak sorta like a giant furry pimp’s cloak. Which is right up Furnock’s wardrobe. All Steam ahead for the spider cloak please. My character vision for Furnock is to get him into more attck angles so he can try to push foes towards our shield wall and act as an auxiliary to the mage… how that comes about if leave in your hands..


Do what you need to with Furnock. Here are some guiding principles about playing the oh so scared one.

Furnock is by his nature a coward. Hopefully at some point he will grow out of this and become the hero he was meant to be but right now he is what he is.


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