Florent Guardien

18 yo, 5'11", 180lbs, Fair complexion, Brown hair, Brown eyes


Carries a tower shield & flail.


SOP for Florent: I am happy to keep up with the between sessions role-playing. We are one dysfuctional group, and so are our characters, and I find both entertaining. But if you find someone to take over for the Frenchie, or when you need to NPC him, you have my full consent as long as you make an honest attempt to stay true to his basic principles:

BP #1: For the young Cleric, Helm is great, sex (or the promise there of) is better. If an attractive woman speaks to Florent see page 183 of the PHB for the Charmed spell.

BP#2: Florent is a born again Helmite. A fanatic without a lot of introspection. Decide what you think Helm would do, and do it with blind faith conviction.

BP#3: Pick a fight with Treveylan whenever possible. Bring up the shooting in the back thing often. Reaction is always entertaining.

BP#4: Hit on female party members whenever possible. (see above for motivation)

Keep the re-caps coming, and work on that obnoxious french accent. Other than that you have free reign with Florent.

Florent Guardien

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