Shielding Alliance

A Mighty Triumph

Another battle, another series of close calls. Turtle surveys the field as her comrades recover. Grunting from the pain of a giant’s swing, she limps over towards Sulmia, pulling out the magical Ointment. “Does she need this?” Looking ovver the party. “Is anyone diseased? Poisoned?” She motions to the giants. “Treveylan, would you do the honors and de-head those things please? They will serve as yet more proof of the danger the area is under.” She adjusts her stance, testing her one leg gingerly. “I suggest we burn all the bodies, save the spell-thrower. His we have Florent use the power of Helm to interrogate his soul, may it rest in peace.”

Wiping the blood off her armor, she continues; “After we’ve gone over what they have, I’d like to see if they were expecting someone. Perhaps they are somehow aware- either through spies or by magic- of caravan schedules. Depending what we find on them, it might make sense to continue on to Hommlett, bringing news of what else we have learned.”

Seeing Furnock smile, but Florent open his mouth she motions for him to pause. “I have been thinking of how we might solve our problems with getting supplies and communicating with the town and believe I have a way. My father had a magical figurine, a silver raven, that although made of metal, would come alive to fly and deliver messages. Through this we can hopefully work out a system to let the town know what is going on and vice versa.” She coughs here, before going on. “The other difficulty of actually getting the supplies in a timely manner, involves a magical spell I have heard of and I’m sure Pertinax could explain in more detail. It will require some gold, as do all things, but perhaps Burns can assist us.”

She squats, stretching out her wounded leg. “In any case, I move we update the council on our progress and put in a new order for additional equipment.” Motioning to the party’s newest member. “And from the advice of some folks, we all might use a hot bath.”

Luke, the dandied rogue had a good session- I had him use PRAYER from the Ring ‘o Spell Storing, to help our group/hurt a bugbear assassin, then drank the POTION OF INVISIBILITY to sneak up on a sorcerer who was bombarding Pertinax with posion knife thingies (not gonna accept Turtles’ ointment eh Elfie?), and, waiting until he was ready to cast, leaped out to interrupt a spell with a sneak attack that struck the baddie dead.

Furnock then used his RING OF COMMAND to make the giant lose a turn, and helped out in the clean up.

the morning after the mourning
Turtle has a dream that her sister is still alive

A yellowish sun is poking through the clouds when the last guard shift stirs the others to wake. Florent and Pertinax have finished preparing spells, and their elven guest is busy readying himself for the long journey. The column of smoke from the direction of the Temple still rises into the sky, watched with muttered breaths by the group. Turtle is the last to rise, and this morning his visage is calm, almost serene-like. When someone asks why she is such a good mood, the response comes with a smile; “I have decided to help our ernstwhile rogue ‘break from the bottle,’ so to speak. I pledged an Oath of Abstinence and from this morning forth shall no longer consume alcohol and other drugs or stimulants. Even the celebratory liquor that we drink after a successful return will be off-limits to me. It is my hope that Furnock may one day follow my example.”

She seems embarassed by the attention, yet is clearly holding back something. “Last night I was granted a vision. I saw a place many miles from here. I saw my sister. My sister is alive and well.” Her smile is practically beaming. “She was safely in the company of a large, ugly dwarf in some mansion. I can stop mourning for her as one day we will meet again.” Turtle appears to be a whole new person and here eyes look past the group, off east into the distance.

Florent faces the birds

LUKE: So we are in the middle of combat with harpies?

ROBERTO: Not quite in the middle. In fact I think only Florent the quick is aware of the damn things. The harpies were doing something. There is something in the middle of the room. I just don’t remember what.

Get ready for some will saves! Furnock’s favorites.

LUKE: I don’t know if Furnock actually has a will to be honest. He is more of a ‘yes-man’ rogue.

BRIAN: There were two bodies (one male, one female) chained to an alter-like slab of stone, smooth on all sides and surrounded by giant rats and foxes (or some other animals)... the floor is teeming with the animals.. and seemed to take no notice of the Helmite Priest

There were also a couple harpies sitting in alcoves watching the whole spectacle… and noticed Florent and were just opening their mouths… when…..

STEVE: Florent interrupts them in his ‘obnoxious yet zealous voice’, “Enemies of the Shielding Aliiance, I had hoped to roll really crappy against you, but due to my getting several guest NPC’s preggers, I am going to have to follow Bilbo, Frodo, and Gonzo and head off to where the Elves live.”


With the approval of Dan, Chris and the rest of the group I will explain the situation and ask my housemmate Rob if he is available to fill in for a few months. Rob has gamed many a time before, but admittedly not 3.0/3.5/3.75; that being said, he’s a quick study and enjoys listening to my re-caps.

If Chris can conceivably come back, perhaps he can take over when Rob leaves {again} for Vancouver, if Florent has not been turned into Harpy Chow. Or Gealtinous Cube feed. Or a Treveylan target.

This is simply a suggestion to allow the character to coninue on. Failing Rob, maybe someone else?

magic mushrooms

Austin took the reigns of Monsieur Furnock. We didn’t go to town so no new super-frilly shirt for him. Steve did do a live action impersonation of the drunken Furnock for all of us. We were forced to pee in the basement sink. Hopefully Steve is feeling better today although I doubt it.

Anyway, Florent was using his spell to track the head and it pointed downwards and to the southwest. We used the southwesternmost stairs to go down. Furnock checked the door for traps quickly and opened the lock. We saw a strange room filled with mushrooms of different colors. Florent walked right in and an attractive young woman offered guidance through the forest of mushrooms. We sent in the diplomat and TReveylan attempted to converse with the woman but she in turn touched him aggresively and sapped the half-elf’s copious wisdom. Only Furnock saw this aggresive act though and the rest of the party was confused. Treveylan the diplomat took out his flaming sword and wounded the woman. The woman shrieked and begged for someone to stop the crazy half-elf. FLorent attempted to disarm Treveylan while Sir Jeffers remarked that the half elf had gone mad. Sulmia seemed hesitant probably due to the shaky nature of the relationship between Florent and the Prince. Furnock piped in and explained what he had seen and Pertinax used some High Elven Vengeanceon the woman. At this point Florent had disarmed Treveylan and Sir Jeffers had pinned the poor, wisdom-deficient half elf. Florent joined the grapple and so did Furnock. Furnock was attempting to pull Jeffers off Treveylan while Florent simply piled on. The woman fled while Pertinax recognized the signs of magical compulsions on Florent and Jeffers which he promptly dispelled. The wrestlers stood up in time to see three approaching creatures with leonine lower bodies and human female upper bodies. A fight ensued while Pertinax yelled “it’s only one creature, the other two are illusions!”. Soon the beast with the face of the woman who ensorcelled Florent and Jeffers laid on the floor dead. It had some magical items and jewelry which we promptly confiscated in the name of all that’s good.

The party moved on and found a circular room filled with strange statues of powerful mosnters like dragons, beholders and the like. Florent pressed on before his spell fizzled while a luminous ball got out from behind a statue and attacked whomever was closest to it. A few magenars and futile weapon swings later the creature was destroyed but only after dissappearing and damaging Pertinax who did the bulk of the damage.

Florent then found a room with harpies on it and that’s where we are. So it was non-stop action and it still hasn’t stopped.

BRIAN: Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd we did not get to level up…. thanks to Florent’s rash running ahead… ; P

To clarify what type of statues were in the circular room…..

Smaller Blue Dragon Beholder Mummy Medusa Wight Fire Giant Manticore Rakshasa

Also, each had some item in front of them or on the, or on each statue… Treveylan told Furnock not to touch ANYTHING… as it seemed most likely to be a trap

LUKE: jeez… teenagers when do they ever act rashly. As to Furnock not touching anything. How does said rogue disarm possible traps without the use of his arms? He has no Psionic powers. Since when did his Highness start beating Furnock on his search checks. Furnock will withdraw to the rear in the light of Trevelyn’s superior rogue abilities

BRIAN: It has nothing to do with his search checks… call it a “gut instinct”... all that loot just laying around with monstrous statues watching their prizes… just kinda screams “trap” to the Scout…

and rather than risk setting anything off… or possibly freeing anyone of those beasts (of which you don’t want to fight)... it is better left untouched… for now.

ROBERTO: Dear Mr Furnock;

We have evaluated your request to join Beta Team and at this time we regret to have to deny your application. Given your skill-set we feel the best position for you is at the point in team Alpha.

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. Keep up the good work!

Beta Team

LUKE: Disarming traps gives us experience. So doesn’t that help us get towards that next level?

BRIAN: Yes…. but…. we are still in the middle of battle… or are about to be again… it has been non-stop

once shot, twice shy
wherein Turtle talks about some spiritual things

Furnock groans,shakes his head. ” I agree if I’m in the mouth of a stinky garbage beast again just beat the bejeez out of it up close. I’m not particularly tough. I have not great shell like turtle, eh.”

Turtle gives a pitying glance at the sick rogue. “Furnock, I apologize for hitting you. At the time, I believed shooting from afar at the creature to be the best choice. Again I am sorry. I do feel it is wrong to harrangue party members for accidents. Given the numerous shots we take in the course of the countless battles we’ve fought in, it should be no surprise that there are occasional mistakes. I would place that to be less than 1 in 20, although shooting directly into a melee is indeed trickier.”

Turning to Pertinax, “I thank you for your offer to teach. There are several tactics that groups as a whole can learn so that they work more effectively together, from evading friendly spells to sweeping for invisible foes to joint Bull Rushes or Grapples. For the time being however, I myself am focusing on strengthening my soul.” She gives another sad glance at the hiccuping gambler before continuing. “I have already sworn a holy oath to protect Hommlett. This is why I have continued along with this cause, when clearly we are well over our heads.” She holds a hand up so she can continue. “I have also sworn a Vow of Purity to avoid contact with dead flesh. This is why I no longer assist with searching the fallen. I can feel that it will be soon time to make another such pledge, and, partially to inspire our friend, I will foreswear alcohol.”

She squats, stretching her hands. “In any event, I would still rather have my companions do whatever they can to help me, even if by doing so my life is put at risk. Perhaps shooting into melee is a personal decision, much akin to being raised or not being raised. As such, I am saying to all that if I am grappled or otherwise held against my will, I want you to use whatever force possible to set me free.”

She looks around for the inevitable discussion.

Pertinax arches an eyebrow.

“A Vow of Purity? (OOC:Shudders at stuff from the Book of Exalted Deeds) Interesting. I have heard of such things. Aside from not touching dead flesh, can you eat meat?, what else does this entail?”

Turtle smiles uncomfortable, and visibly shies away from Florent’s proximity. “Umm, to answer your question Pertinax, foresaking meat is indeed part of the requirement. If I fight corporeal undead such as zombies, I will have to spend time re-purifying myself with prayer and holy water. I may also touch the dead if attempting to restore them to life.”

She wipes her hands. “I would submit to you all that there are times when we would not want someone else in our band to engage a beast hand-to-hand. Whether our friends are incapacitated {motioning to Furnock here} or grievously wounded themselves, it is sometimes making the situation worse having them enter the fray directly.” She shrugs. “Ultimately it is a personal choice, but I would not want someone else to die because of their efforts to save me. Better one drown than two, although I am sure we would all jump in the water to rescue each other.” Smile here.

Turning to Florent, the smile lessens. “Nay, shield brother, I have not entered the Watcher’s fold. While I have the upmost respect for the Vigilant One’s objectives, sadly, I could not commit to him. Helm is indeed lawful, but I have not seen the goodness that I am searching for within his followers.” Her eyes meet his. “I feel you are too zealous in carrying out what you see as his mission, and in the process, are ignoring vital Helmite dogma despite my warnings. Meanwhile those in Helm’s service living in Hommlett have clearly become too lax, allowing this evil {a gesture towards the Temple} to flourish. But it was visions of another being, one of both law and of good, which has guided my heart into the service of the Seven Heavens. And I am much at peace from it.” Her visage is of calm serenity.


Pertinax arches an eyebrow.

I knew Elves were the dnd equivalent of Vulcans!

“As for the other topic of conversation, in the spirit of the Shielding Alliance, I agree that we should each voice our wishes. If a creature has taken me into it’s emrace, do not shoot. Just jump in and help me out like some of you did when the invisible thief critter attacked me. If I am suddennly in melee, do not shoot either. Join me in melee.”

Furnock looks very confused. “Oye lov’y Turddle whers go’n oyn? Who bes you’r god? Scouty ’s been a gallynipper. Me elvish is qui’t kipper, eh? No more lollygagging! backen to Hommerlet.”

Turtle squints, as if trying to discern the meaning out of the air itself. “I’m sorry Furnock, your accent has relapsed back to the old days when it was too thick. I think I get what you’re saying…”

Hey eyes widen and smiling, she tries Elvish. “Can you say what you said before, but this time using Pertinax’s tongue?”

Furnock talks about gods, in and out of Elvish

Furnock seems to be recovering slowly and puts a hand on Trevelyn’s shoulder, speaking in elvish “Trevelyn do not get uncomfortable with this talk of gods. Gods are for all people they are not the talk of priests, paladins, and clerics. Even the most evil of creatures, those stick-twurllers we have been cleaning out are believers of some diety. Gods are on the mouths of most people. Most people I have meet who complain about gods are those who were once idealists now pessimists. As to Tempus that is a strange god for a ranger-scout-paragon to follow. I thought most ranger-scout-paragons were followers of Lovethemostbenefitsnodrawbacks. I myself am favored by Helm, though I am a poor follower of his path. Isn’t that the entire point though, to struggle to attain the perfection of a diety knowing you make yourself greater in the process?” Furnock then turns to Turtle “so der lov’y ‘un. Which sky-lord-ing be you’ ‘un? Whats wid you’r chalky-board and tallies-oos? Who bee’s a-heed” (Turtle looks clearly confused and starts to respond but doesn’t.)

Pertinax speaks

In lilting Espruar: “Well said Furnock. The gods themselves bicker just like we do. In my eyes worship is a personal act even though I do consider myself an extension of Corellon Larethian and hope to one day soon be an Eldritch Knight in his service and wield a powerful bow that crackles with his energy.”

In Common: “The only thing I’ll say is that I am grateful to Helm for his assistance, through Florent, and that without him we would not have gotten this far or have a prayer at defeating the evil cultists or that demoness.”

OOC:I think it’s awesome that Furnock speaks Elven so clearly and Common so unintelligibly.

It is true that it might seem strange for a person based of the wilds to favor Tempus, but there are only two major deities on Moonshae: Chauntea, the Lady of the Earth, and Tempus, the lord of Battle. My heart truly has lain with the ideals of the warrior since I was a child, perhaps mimicing the strife that I have grown with. I do also revere the natural world and pay tribute to Chauntea, for without her, we would not be able to survive.

My only qualm with organized followers of any religion is their pious attempt to sway everyone in their sight to their patron. It seems we all hold beliefs in a God, but only one of us cannot let us believe in our gods, in peace. I dont try to sway your hearts to the graces of Tempus. Nor does Pertinax attempt to sway you to follow Correllon Larethian. Turtle speaks vaguely of a God, about as vague as she is of herself, yet she does not try to sway us either. Furnock, you claim to believe in Helm, which is a good thing. Let us be at peace with our own deity.”

Switching back to elvish, Furnock replys “we are all followers of a god yet only one has been loud in his devotion in of late. Besides that one is young to the ways of the world. Yet you accuse all followers of a diety as harshly as only a minority act. That is straight ignorant foolishness. Ignore the young cleric and act your age prince-ling. True nobilty is an act not a birthright. I’m a drunk, a gambler, and a coward. I struggle with addiction and weakness every day. Compassion and tolerance go farther than judgement and harsh words spoken in frustration.”

At this Turtle, with tears in her eyes strides over to the sullen rogue and gives him a tremendous hug, literally lifting the decadent gambler off his feet before placing him down quickly.

Furnock looks very confused. “Oye lov’y Turddle whers go’n oyn? Who bes you’r god? Scouty ’s been a gallynipper. Me elvish is qui’t kipper, eh? No more lollygagging! backen to Hommerlet.”

OOC: Theres a good reason why Furnock speaks excellent elven… although he isn’t a prince or anything.

BRIAN: Yeah…. he’s the Assassin OOC: If Furnock didn’t speak elvish perfectly it would offend the ears of any elf who heard it. Any elf might end his life for such a transgration. Its best not to offend your betters.

Roberto/Pertinax: ood point. Carry on…

OOC: Furnock’s a street orphan. He was raised, in part, by an Elven scholar in Waterdeep.

different paths leading up the same mountain
aka let's all convert to Helm!

A clearly confused Florent looks at Turtle. “You ‘ave taken vows?” A big smile of evangelic joy comes to his face. “Welcome to the fold of ‘Elm, Sister Turtel! This is great news. I know ‘Elm ‘ears my prayers. Praise be to ‘Elm!” Moving closer to Turtle he whispers “you can keep ‘aving sex and no break your vows, though. I no think this purity thing is requirement of ‘Elm. The Protector still answers my prayers after my exploits…” OOG: Bluff check?

“Trevelyan, you are next on my conversion list. And as for shooting at allies, I so no thank you pour moi. If there is good chance at ‘itting me, no shoot me. Step up and ‘elp our shoot something farther away.”

Turning to Florent, the smile lessens. “Nay, shield brother, I have not entered the Watcher’s fold. While I have the upmost respect for the Vigilant One’s objectives, sadly, I could not commit to him. Helm is indeed lawful, but I have not seen the goodness that I am searching for within his followers.” Her eyes meet his. “I feel you are too zealous in carrying out what you see as his mission, and in the process, are ignoring vital Helmite dogma despite my warnings. Meanwhile those in Helm’s service living in Hommlett have clearly become too lax, allowing this evil {a gesture towards the Temple} to flourish. But it was visions of another being, one of both law and of good, which has guided my heart into the service of the Seven Heavens. And I am much at peace from it.” Her visage is of calm serenity.

“That is alright, Turtel. No everyone can ‘as what it takes to be a priest of ‘Elm. The responsibilities and powers are both great. I am sure you will serve him well as his paladin, though. Let me know if you ‘ave trouble discerning the meaning of ‘Elm’s visions. For example, I am pretty sure ‘Elm only ‘as one ‘eaven, no seven. Your rookie mistake is understandable, for the mysteries of ‘Elm are great indeed!”

“Be sure she does not mean YOUR god Florent..

We each serve our own deities, or none at all, but I am pretty sure that you will not win any of us to Helm’s grace with your overzealous following.

When I grew up in the Shae I followed the Great Goddess Chauntea.. but I have moved further from her will as I continue on this path.In her stead I have decided to follow the great Lord of Battles… Tempus. His will and actions are mare akin to my path and thus it is He whom I serve. I will not be swayed to follow Helm… for the models and examples he has provided thus far are not sufficient for my conversion. Though I am sure he is a great and benevolent god..

Florent says, “Pardon moi, messiur Treveylan, but you are mistaken. Great is the mercy of ‘Elm, but ‘e does ‘ave standards for ‘is followers. You are no in consideration for joining ‘is fold, barring a miracle of ‘is grace and power.”

OOG: For those of you keeping score, that would be dig, set, and spike. Side out, Hood.

Even Helms grace could not forgive your rash and blind devotion. But again I am not concerned for his grace or acceptance. But if he is such a forgiving deity, then as an example of his followers, shouldnt you also mimic his ideals and actions?

If greatness is determined by blindness. then you would be his greatest follower. However, I would rather be a one-eyed man among the blind if that is the case.

Florent, I do not want to argue with you… but it seems that is all you and I seem to do.

Turning to the rest, On the notion of SOP can we agree not to try to convert anyone any further and leave the topic of Gods amongst those that truly care to discuss them, the priests and clerics.

shoot away

<hick> Furnock bellows “can we add running away in melee to the SOP?” He giggles then continues “While we’re on the subject of what we do…” (He then falls asleep)

NOTE: Taking Luke out of the mix since he’s asleep. :P And Pertinax is usually revelrieing.

Turtle frowns at the unconscious rogue and sighs heavily. “He can be such a handful.” Turning to Florent, she points a finger. “I think it is quite unfair to take issue with those who rely on missile weapons. The occasional stray shot is part of the hazards we face, as are the chances of a trap not being disarmed thanks to this one,” she jerks a thumb in the snoring rogue’s direction, “or a spell going wrong thanks to that one,” pointing to the revelried Pertinax, “or Helm’s grace failing.” She moves her shields to show her spikes.

“I’d rather have someone try with at least a reasonable chance of success and and fail, then hang back to let our real enemies have free shots. Nay, if I am in the front, than I am in the front.” She stands, getting ready to guard. “Do not hesitate for he who hesitates is lost. Let the arrows, bolts, and spells fall where they may.” Moving to the door. “I’ll take the first two shifts. Other volunteers?”

Florent begins the process of shedding his armor. “Pour moi, it is the ‘reasonable chance of success’ that is in question. When we are fighting up close, the probability of hitting un amis is too great, I am guessing from our past attempts, unless one is skilled with the weapons of range.” With this Florent dips his head to Sulmia.

Moving closer to his companions Florent asks, “What do we know of this elven champion?” Based on my ‘eal checks and ‘ealing, I can say he has great fortitude and when fully ‘ealed, would be more powerful than any of us individually. ‘Ave we learned anything specifically about ‘ow ‘e was captured?”

Shhh! sleepy adventurers

Furnock giggles then hick-ups (there appears to be a half empty wine bottle poking from Furnock’s pocket. “Shirts get ruined, I needed a new one anyways, one with more frills. I also need a scented hanky, the strong smells are giving me a headache. <hick> ahhh. Trevelyn is there some way to tell if those burned corpses are female? Anyway the elven head we found was masculine. So there may be more elven prisoners than we know of. The lady may still be alive.”

OOG: For the sake of simplicity, I’m going to assume that we’ll be resting sometime in the near future. This conversation is for when we’re resting

“At one time, mes amis, we ‘ad a conversation about ‘standard operating procedures’. It seems we ‘ave added shooting our compatriots to this list.” Speaking to the group Florent gives the ‘settle down’ gesture. “Before you get ‘eated, I acknowledge that accidents ‘appen, sometimes quite often. This is understandable. But it seems to moi that we should be able to get through encounter with no shooting ally in back. Turtle, your shield spike is the latest example of this. I am no tactician, but I no think shooting into melee when there is chance, and in our case, a good chance of hitting ally, is a good idea. Our record of track is no so good on this account, no? Can we make this new SOP?”

<hick> Furnock bellows “can we add running away in melee to the SOP?” He giggles then continues “While we’re on the subject of what we do…” (He then falls asleep)

“Unless of course, any of you who like shooting into raging melees, learn the very elf-like skill of being precise in your shots. I could teach anyone who is interested.”

“Otherwise I’d refrain from doing it given our high rate of shooting compatriots in the back.”

Furnock clutches his head and moans “oh yes.. what ever you say… no more shooting into melee… oh my head” he starts grumbling and then goes to whining, then pleading for more water.

temple sleepover

OOG: whats the order for rest?

Furnock looks at the ruined cuffs of his frilly shirt and sighs. (His speech seems to be losing some of his strange accent, or maybe everyone is just getting used to his strange speech) “Can Helm’s might do anything about ruined cuffs? Or does it only affect mortal injuries? As to the Sir Champion’s lady what does any of us know her fate?” Then Furnock looks over at Pertinax and Trevelyn “If the lady is alive maybe there is some way to track or locate her by magic or other means? We must press on and find out her fate then return to town. Even if she is not alive, someone should let Silverymoon know of her fate.”

Florent moves in front of Furnock. “Let moi see your cuffs, si vous plait.” He turns them over a couple times and grabs them just beneath the seams, and then rips one off. “There, mon ami. ‘Elm’s might has done something about your frilly shirt. Would you like a matching set?” Laughing to himself at his juvenille humor Florent addresses the elven champion and the rest of the party. “After resting and prayer I could ask ‘Elm for an augery that would give more direction about fate of elven lady. ‘Ave you the same divine abilities, sir Elf, or something similar? As for the guard duty during resting, I would like to take third shift so I can be awake to pray for spells at dawn. We can talk about plan while we prepare for night.”

Treveylan still slightly fuming about the “priest’s” issue with his apology, steps between Furnock and Florent before anything more can happen, “Look boy, while you may be the so-called healer of this outfit, in no way does that give you ANY right to besmirch anyone in this party. If you still have a problem with me, then take it out on me. Do not resort to childish antics that may get you hurt. Just so you know… I am not threatening to hurt you. But if you continue to act like you have just done, your sway over any us will surely wain. Now grow up and act like a man. You are supposed to be a hero, a symbol of a leader. But if you persist in acting like a child, you will be treated no better than a child.”

Florent takes a moment to see if Treveylan is serious or not. He then laughs out loud. “You are a most amusing petit half man. Did you really think Furnock was serious when he asked ‘if the might of ‘Elm could help is silk shirt?’ Did you think I would ‘eal it, or maybe call for a blessing? No. He was no serious, and opposite of serious is joking. Kidding. Playful banter. You see where we are going with this. I pulled the cuff off his shirt that was already ruined. Was this a grievious injury? No, mon ami. This is what friends do. Playfully make fun of each other. Laugh together in the face of dangers. ‘Ave you already forgotten what it means to be part of an alliance? In alliance we give each other benefit of the doubt. For this reason I will assume you were not once again giving veiled threats, but trying to join in the ‘umor. But please, ‘ow many times do we ‘ave to tell you to lighten up?!?” Florent walks over to Furnock smiling broadly and bows low. “For besmirching your fine silly shirt, I mean frilly shirt, I apologize. Once I find out what besmirch means, I will really be sorry.”

OOG: Is the Jeffers fellow still here? I thought he was.

“Sir Jeffers, can you pray for spells ‘ere, or do you need to be in the open air under the light of the moon? I know midnight approaches quickly, so this seems like logical next step.”

OOG: If Jeffers isn’t here, or even if he is, can anyone else answer the question whether a priest of Selune has to be outside to pray for spells?

Making sure to stand between Furnock and Florent, keeping an eye on Furnock, more than anyone else, he continues on, “I fear that Sir Juffer’s mistress is dead. We found 3 bodies… all of which seemed very much like Elven bone and body structure. And if Sir Juffer claims that he came in with 3 others, then those 3 bodies may very well be theirs. It is difficult to say it as they have most likely died unjustfully, but the evil grows in this foul place, and we must do what we can to quell it. I would agree with Furnock that we need to get Sir Juffer back under the moonlight, the source of his patron deity. Silverymoon must be made aware of the travesty, the sooner they know, perhaps they will assist us in our plight?”


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