Shielding Alliance

The Names' the Thing.
wherein our sordid band (minus one) finally agrees what to call itself

Later, around the safety and warmth of a campfire, the Elven Wizard returns to the earlier line of conversation about what to call their group. “I agree we need a name but I’m not sure I like the Shielded Alliance,” he begins. “Since three of our members do use shields, two very prominently, that could be a theme. Like the Company of the Mithril Shield, or the Order of the Gilded Shield, since our shields are actually very pleasant to the eye. That human armorsmith must have some Elven ancestry.” More groans from the humans of the band. “Of course, our shieldless brethren might protest.” Turtle mutters something about the silliness of not carrying a shield, to which his Elven sensibility chooses to ignore. “How about themes that all six of us have in common? Like our base of operations, Hommlet. The Hommlet Alliance or Hommlet Defenders? The Hommlet Six? The Knights of Hommlet?” His back arches even straighter than normal. “I am a bit partial to the Knights of Hommlet.”

Furnock glances around and speaks in Elvish. “Pertinax can you translate for me. My common accent is so heavy few can understand.” Unsurprised, the Elf does as asked in perfect common, turning the rogue’s thick accent into more comprehendable language. “We need to attempt a new plan for tackling this next level.” The Elf’s voice echoes after his decadently dressed companion’s. “I think that the “Hommelet…” names sound good. Among the not so good are the shielded alliance; not all of us are shielded. I’m not so fond of the Knights of Hommelet name for several reasons: A) none of us are Knightly. Knights ride horses, we abandon them in the woods still attached to carts. Several chuckles go around at this rookie mistake the group had made early on. “Hopefully they won’t be coming back to collect a treasure share!” Turtle guffaws. B) some of us are cowards, (and here here Furnock does not shy away from the admission) knights are not cowards C) Knights are usually tied to liege lords, owe oaths of fealty nobles like the lords of Waterdeep or others. D) Knights are Aristocrats, are any of us of noble birth? Aristocrats get touchy about people assuming airs when they are not nobles.

Turtle waits for the Pertinax-speaking-Furnock to finish this list before adding; “In some areas, a knight is a formal title, given in ceremony. It might incur anger at having presumed such a level, even if we meant it informally.” After noting the objections to the Knights term the elf nods in understanding. Furnock presses on with his halting Elven. “I really like the other “Hommelet names” suggested though. I would also put forth my own name,” (dramatic pause and then with a flourish of ruffled hands) the “Order of Hommelet:” it’s authoritative, strikes fear into the hearts of the villanous, without implying anything we are not.” He beams at his suggestion.

The Elf murmurs positively and continues in his own melodic voice. “Like Turtle, I would like our name to be meaningful in more ways than just identifying how many of us there are. The Order of Hommelet to me sounds proper.” Furnock’s chest practically swells with pride, so the party’s wizard continues on, as if giving an academic lecture. “There are many types of knights, and one of the most popular adventuring bands I know was called the Knights of Myth Drannor even though they did not totally fit into the picture of knights described by Furnock. Having said that I understand the objection,” the Elf thinks aloud. “The reason why I like Hommelet is because that’s where we trace our origins as a group or fellowship. I don’t think our name ties us down at all. It is just a nod to our birthplace as a band,” he explains, flicking a piece of debris off his collar.

A frustrated sigh emits from the female fighter as her leg kicks away a small stone. “As much as I’ve come to love my second home, I’d like to not be tied down to it, even in name. I’d like to wander the Realms a bit before I settle,” she whispers with a wistful shine in her eyes. “Perhaps there could also be the possibility that our association with the village, particularly if we named ourselves after it, could cause enemies to take retribution there. Finally there is the possibility that the village itself would not want a band of adventurers roaming around with their name,” she hefts the bag of platinum coins, “at least not without some manner of compensation.”

Furnock chimes in. “How about the Order of the Hand? Not attached to the town and we do help out the Helmites a lot.” Pertinax is quick to politely dismiss that idea, “As much as I appreciate the help of Helm through Florent I would rather not give the impression that this band is a personal prelature of the Helmites.” The gambler has moved on, distracted by the clink of valuable metal.

Letting the sack down (which Furnock’s eyes follow the whole time) Turtle announces, “I should also be more specific; I meant the SHIELDING Alliance. The shield part being ‘to protect’ and the ‘Alliance part meaning a group formed out of common interests,” she clarifies, poking a stick into the fire. “I have grown to feel a bond of kinship with all of you, despite our differences. I know this would not have happened if we had not joined together, if we had not…ALLIED for a common goal. My heart tells me that we are a Shielding Alliance. A group drawn together to protect those that need us.”

There is a growing sound of approval from various members, with the walking metal that is the party’s cleric the first to voice his agreement. “Shielding Alliance gets my vote. This reflects our protection against growing evil of Tempel as well as precepts of ‘Elm. For some reason, people in this area ‘ave trouble understanding moi.” Many of the figures around the flames chuckle at his being able to make the observation, yet his ignorance of his linguistic complexities. “Eef I call ourselves “Order of ‘Omlette” I fear they give me plate of eggs. I no understand this, why vous ne moi comprehende, but ‘and of ‘alf dozen fits in same category,” he confides confusedly.

“Shielding Alliance? That sounds a bit better. Not sure if we make up an order. What with rules, laws, by-laws. That sounds more like’n Turtle’s habits at needin’ that.“ The other woman gives an icy glare in the direction of Sulmia’s voice, muttering about ‘hayseeds.’ Perhaps in enjoyment, the ShadowDancer takes no notice of her. “An alliance sounds better…” The occupying silhouette bobs in agreement.

Florent, who still has an obvious affection for young adventurer, is quick to follow in her symbolic footsteps. “Alliance de Shielding. Je t’aime! I think this great name. Eet strick fear into ‘eart of all doers of evil, he proclaims smugly. “’Omlette will know they are under our protection, and the ‘and of ‘Elm watches over them. Are any of you good with drawing or carving? An emblem representing who we are would also be tres bon. I shall proclaim our valiant ‘eroics and name in the face of the next abomination of this Temple I face. They shall know the ‘ard ‘and of ‘Elm and the Alliance de Shielding!” He raises a mailed mist in a gesture of triumph at the thought of proclaiming this loudly.

Furnock bellows, much to the displeasure of his compatriots, “Does that make each member a Shield? Taht’d be swell! Anyway I’m just glad I get to change my name from Furnock, the alcoholic gambler who wanders evil temples and complains a lot, To; FURNOCK member of the Shielding Alliance! Where to next?”

“Wherever you’ll be Q-U-I-E-T,” Turtle buzzes acidly. Abashed, he complies.

“Then that’s that. We are the Shielding Alliance given that Treveylan abstained.” The Elf rises gracefully from his seat, ready to move onto his arcane studies now that the designation matter is finally settled.

One minor point an I do mean minor. Furnock is proud of his cowardice to a certain extent. Being alive is his prime directive. Furnock never fails to look out for Furnock. *No problem. I’ve changed that passage (the ‘B’ part of Furnock not agreeing with us being called knights) to:

“(here Furnock does not shy away from the admission)”

Don’t anyone hesitate to correct me if I’m getting the style/flavor of your character down incorrectly. I had to assume a lot to make it sound like a story.

Rest for the weary?
aka, a compilation with some artistic license of the 'A-Conversation' in various emails

Florent looks around at his battered companions as something occurs to him: “Mes Amis, Regarding the idea of resting ‘ere in this room instead of taking time to go back and find safer place, there is something else to consider. I ‘ave to wait till dawn tomorrow to pray to ‘Elm for more spells. This matter of resting for more than just 8 ‘ours, no? The longer we wait ‘ere, better the chance that ‘ydra get free and we get flambe. You know this word? Like the desert with the burning liquor on top? Anyway, it is no good.”

Pertinax smiles, an expression on his face as if he is remembering the taste. “I know this dessert. We elves have perfected the technique.” Many in the party groan quietly at yet another example of ethnocentrism. Distracted by memories or choosing to ignore, he presses on, “In any case, I do agree that it might be best to sleep outside.” His slender fingers reach instinctively to find the well-read spellbook he studies.

The female fighter nicknamed Turtle follows the movement out of the corner of her eye but continues guarding one of the doors leading into the pillow-filled chamber. “You all may find this odd, but it feels…good…to be back here. I am invigorated after that tenday and owe the armorer many thanks for her efforts.” She practices moving her improved defenses in sweeping arcs for emphasis. “Even though the temple will be tougher, the Shielded Alliance will be tougher still.” She peeks around with a smile of her own to gauge the reaction of this, before continuing quickly. “This was a righteous fight, although I admit to feeling a certain sorrow for the mage whom I abruptly crushed down.” A sad gaze looks into the other room. She sighs and goes returns to watching the door. ”’Battles which last but a minute leave scars which last across a lifetime.’ Parts of her still smoke from hydra-fire as if in answer. “Florent, would you say a benediction over the bodies before we leave? It might give them some peace.”

The Helmite priest looks back at the room with the three recently-slain bodies before responding to the benediction request, “I pray for fallen in morning when I commune with ‘Elm, no when ‘ydra is beating on door in next room. They choose there path when they chose to do work of evil. Eet is for their God to judge them now. You were right to charge in and beat them down before they could do more harm, Turtel. No let mercy stay your ‘and at critical time, or I be praying benediction for one of us next time.”

She bows her head in agreement or possibly a quick prayer and turns to the others. “Friends, I would have us press on enough to see if this section leads back to the beginning. We may yet hold have the element of surprise and could strike while the iron is still hot. I realize its been a tough series, but the going will only be tougher. I would suggest moving on to deal more unexpected blows and increase our learning of this level.” She pulls back her hair. “I think it’d be good practice for when we have to confront yonder demonness. I’m sure she won’t let us dictate the terms then.”

The elven wizard flexes his slender fingers as if preparing to cast one of his potent arcane energies. “Indeed, although it might do us good to be as ready for her as possible. We need to study demons and their weaknesses.”

Turtle shudders visibly at his adding an ‘s’ onto that horrible word, as if suggesting they may face more than the Temple’s evil ruler the druid from Hommlet had warned about. “Perhaps you can later speak of what you already know? It would be a conversation to help keep our watch alert,“ ‘…and I don’t want to be caught napping,’ she thinks to herself.

Pertinax reddens, as if embarrassed about something. “I have to confess that I need to learn more about the subject,” he admits slowly. “Having said that there is some knowledge I can impart.” (Dan: Knowledge:The Planes +6)”

Turtle listens to his brief report with a worried look. “I’d like to continue this discussion around a fire and where we’re not in the bowels of an enemy lair. Otherwise we may not live to share a name with anyone.” A quick turn of the each wrist readies both manticore-embossed shields. “Is everyone else feeling ok enough to head back in the direction of the entrance but with the resolve of going through new territory as we do so?”

Florent wheezing and leaning heavily on his own shield, a huge towering one, is the first to reply. ‘Ow sure are you that these new doors lead back to where we were before? I can no keep my head straight in this twisted Tempel. I think it better to follow trail of dead bad guys back to surface instead.” A grim smile comes to his feminine lips.

The Elf shrugs non-commitedly. ““I’d prefer to rest and regain our magical might but if we press on I’ll be far from useless.” He quickly unsheathes the longsword he refers to as ‘Fine Eleven Steel’ and re-sheathes the blade just as fast. “As you may have noticed, I have been studying the martial arts as well as the Art and have acquired a significant level of proficiency with a longbow, as is my birthright. I still have some spells, though none of the third order including elven alacrity. My fine elven bow works well and my quiver is near full.” He reaches back to grab the beautifully-crafted missile weapon.

Turtle, interrupts good-humoredly, “So Florent will have to now watch out for TWO sets of Elvish arrows?” she jests, grinning about an errant shot from the bloody battle just minutes ago.

Pertinax smiles back smugly. “You’ll know that the precise set of elven arrows came from my bow, though.” He raps his weapon lightly for emphasis.

The shadows carries the voice of a farmer’s daughter. “You all sound less n’ heroes an’ more the likes of Luskan merchants. Votes? I vote we think that a five headed beast is loose in these warrens and I need remind you our spellthrower’s best magic doesn’t hurt it. Let’s get topside and hope it doesn’t give chase with its handlers behind it until we’ve caught our breath.” Sulmia the ShadowDancer blurs into the corner, her own shadow moving separately from her body. The shadow had become a living thing, born from some eldritch sorcery. Turtle frowns in disapproval of this uncertain companion, gripping her shields tighter. It had already felt the spines once and would do so again if it was not careful.

Florent adjusts his own defenses as if sharing the feeling. “I am also concerned about us, how you say, pressing our luck? ‘Elm calls for action and vigilance. I ‘ave been too ambitious and charge ahead before, with no so good results. Balance of doing most good without being foolish. When does ‘just one more door’ become door ‘olding ‘ydra that kills us all? I say we pull back now to rest and re-group in safe camp outside. I have very little ‘ealing power of ‘Elm to call on. Eef we are wounded more seriously eet will take multiple days to recover, or a trip back to town. Better to return at full strength tomorrow with strategy than to make mistake that causes greater delay.” The boy priest’s usual headlong determination was gone, replaced with an obvious fear of the monster they had been able to escape. If Furnock hadn’t gotten the lever to bring down beast’s cage…

As if on cue, the gambler turned rogue pokes saunters in, a bag of coins jingling in one hand and a scroll tube in another. His cautious search of the former inhabitant’s room apparently successful. He nods to the others talk of leaving directly in his own tongue; ” ‘er we should be duck’n for it methinks. Then I’m always for show’n te bucktail dough, eh? Lets knuckle under and run fer it.Then put up an shack up someway safe as pearl in a clam. eh?” While the gist of what he wants is clear, it still takes the rest of the party a few seconds to acknowledge. For her part, Turtle stares dumbly at him, clearly not following a word.

To move things along, the elf unveils the document he’s crafted along their journey throughout this level. “I have a map which clearly illustrates where we have been. I prefer to go back to safety the way we came in but if we open a few of these doors, particularly the silent ones, I wouldn’t be opposed. Clearly, the consensus is to seek refuge somewhere else. Either the first floor or outside. I feel the first floor has served us well before.” The elf waits to hear from the others.

Comments welcome.

Nicely done! Very entertaining.

I can’t wait to see you give “the treatment” to the revelation that we are amongst exiled royalty. Screw the temple and Hommelet! Let’s go get Treveylan his rightful kingdom! In exchange for lands and nobility titles, of course.

actually, Brian had told me this awhile back, so I was wondering if we’d ever hear about it. I’m curious as to how it’ll affect the campaign.

As far as ‘the treatment,’ here is the next batch, which I’ve broken down into 3 parts based on what made sense and the natural divisions in the flow of the emails. I’ve finished with the first and thought it made sense to send them out indivdually. There will also be a revised ‘Rest for the Weary’ which includes a comment by Treveylan of what to do next that I found late buried in the discussion of naming emails, and plastic surgery for Floren’ts lips, which was a joke on my part to see if people paid attention.

What will Pertinax name his lands? Pertinaxshire? Pertinaxia? Pertyland? State of High Elven Insufferability? Xenophobialand? Otisville.

I like the editorial license you took with the description, except for the part about Florent having feminine lips. He shaves… once a month at least. Got to keep up with the peach fuzz.

Good work!

Man o man that was well done. If we choose to follow Treveylan. Furnock is choosing an area he likes to call Catan. You are all welcome to build settlements there and grow rich or until one of us gets 10 victory points.

summary of roleplaying 'discussion'
aka bickering

Regarding the ‘bickering,’ the conversations, while certainly containing definite disagreement at times, were largely civil. Such a discussion was both realistic and necessary for a mainly Lawful band and I enjoyed the roleplaying.

1)We will allow party debt and speed at which said debt will be repaid

Florent gets to keep his ring of freedom of movement,> for example, which we can’t afford out of his share.> He owes the rest of the party for the item. He has to> repay his debt as soon as he can.

another vote was taken on whether there should be a limit on this debt, and in true American governance style, there are no limits to the debt.

2)We defined party items

More than one person can use them and the benefit can> be applied to everyone

it was also a factor that such a benefit was important to the group and could not be better replicated by an existing or easily obtained other item.

3)We established a system to allocate magical items> > when two or more individuals have legitimate claims(they will wax> > eloquently on why they should get the item and the rest of the party votes)

This manner was advocated by Turte over the random approach and by Sulmia over the auction style.

Diplomacy only works on NPCs.

and even then, apparently not all that well. :P it will be interesting to see if Sulmia is considered an NPC

4) Turtle asked who would want to be brought back in the event of their death. Both Sulmia and Furnock said ‘no.’ (although Furnock might change his mind after the Carrion Crawler incident) we assumed Trevalyn as a paragon of his race would want to continue breathing

5) Feldron’s armor was returned to him, with some members (notably Sulmia and Pertinax) refusing shares from it. he is still to be kept under watch until a suitable consequence can be administered. Turtle paid 220ish gold for the upkeep of him and Chan and to improve security at the temple. Florent got manacles to better secure future prisoners, after a slight rebuking from Terjon.

6) the splinter-cell sneakiness was discussed, with the admonition that lying to other party members is not cool. the group shot doen Floren’ts idea to ‘take a walk’ over to the Temple and Turtle’s suggestion to explore Knulb.

and as we speak we’re back in the Temple courtyard after running out gagging from a yucky tower. i.e via After all of that we waited for our new equipment to get to town and returned to the temple, checking out the escape tunnel first.

We fought four carrion crawlers and other than Furnock, who in a rare moment of bravery almost got himself killed, triumphed in a spectacular manner. I’m sure tha means we will get our assess kicked inthe temple.

No we aren’t heros, nor exceedingly rich, and Furnock’s bravery is well… hmmm Furnock has his moments shall we say… sort of like Han Solo, He is getting braver sorta… no advance recon… I turned in my knives and mail ordered a rapier so I have to kick myself for the delay… It could have been quite comical; Florant, Trevelyn, and Furnock trying their best to slink about the Temple…

(Covert Team comes upon roaming monster) Florant: Sacre Blur! We must fight le evaal! (begins attacking from behind tower shield) Trevalyn: shouts we must fall back! (draws bow, fires, drops bow, draws sword, swings) Furnock: (receeding sound of his footsteps as he flees)

What is Treveylan’s equal share??

That he can actually spend, it’s about 6100 gp or so. The total share is 8k something but we can’t spend that much because of the debt.

How damaged is Treveylan???

Either untouched or slightly dented.

After thinking more about this I think Florent’s decision to keep the ring is a very good one. That is one awesome ring! He will never be grappled, will be able to move underwater just as he moves above water, no spell that hinders movement will ever do anything to him and so on and so forth. It’s pretty damn nice and at 50% cost quite the bargain.

From Dan, the GM: Sulmia thought so, too. But it was obvious the spoiled child of The Protector would have sooner parted with his excuse for a root than the ring….

summary of new SA, explained OOC

1)We will allow party debt and speed at which said debt will be repaid

BRIAN: Meaning what exactly?? ROBERTO: Florent gets to keep his ring of freedom of movement, for example, which we can’t afford out of his share. He owes the rest of the party for the item. He has to repay his debt as soon as he can.

2)We defined party items

BRIAN: Defined them how?? ROBERTO: More than one person can use them and the benefit can be applied to everyone in the party.

3)We established a system to allocate magical items when two or more individuals have legitimate claims(they will wax eloquently on why they should get the item and the rest of the party votes)

BRIAN: Ooooh, so Treveylan might actually be able to “persuade the party to see his point, should he want something someone else does?? I guess a high diplomacy score totally helps out, huh?? ; ) ROBERTO: Diplomacy only works on NPCs. You are on your own, my friend. It will be the words that you put in Treveylan’s mouth that will determine if he gets what he wants or not.

meeting the Helm big boys
aka Turtle and Florent seek some spiritual guidance

{In broken Elvish} “There are things worth more than gold.” She gets up to go. {switching back to guttural monkey-speak} “If you don’t mind, I will take my leave of you. We should meet back up tomorrow morning. Let sleep freshen our minds.” She bows curtly and heads out.

{assuming no one runs out/says more crap}

Turtle makes tracks to the Temple of Helm, where she asks to be let in. “I wish to stay inside the Watcher’s domain tonight so I may help keep vigilant eyes on the charges.” {assuming she is let in} “Please tell Terjon I wish to speak with him in the morning. If my companion Florent is also around please let him know that I am here.”

She goes to check in on Feldron and who is guarding him. If he truly really seems to be asleep, (talking quietly with both his guards and a LISTEN check at the door) she will move on to look in on Chan, before sitting outside in the hallway, offering to take over the next 2 watches from those who are out. She does but request to be checked upon every hour.

The next morning when Florent next sees Turtle alone he asks: “Pardon moi, sister de shields, but I ‘eard you respond to Furnock and Treveylan and it sounded like you were speaking their language. Did you know what they were talking about, because the ‘we’re just practicing our Elvish’ line is as bad as some of my pick up lines.” Florent blushes at this analogy, and quickly presses on. “What’s ‘appening?”

I think Florent was up praying at the Temple right from the get-go when we got back. This helped Roberto not have to do any more split personality. SOOOO… I don’t know if he was around when ‘SPLINTER CELL SNEAKINESS’ happened.

If Florent does walk around during the night or is otherwise awake, he may either see/hear Turtle directly or be told by an acolyte that she has come up to the Temple to help keep watch, and wanted him to know. This same acolyte may also be aware that she requested a meeting with Turgeon in the morning.

We’re running out of time until next session, so in the interests of moving the story along…

If Florent does walk around during the night or is otherwise awake, he may either see/hear Turtle directly or be told by an acolyte that she has come up to the Temple to help keep watch, and wanted him to know.  This same acolyte may also be aware that she requested a meeting with Turgeon in the morning.*

Asssuming nothing crazy happens at night, if she comes upon Florent she says to him: “I need to meet briefly with you and Tourjohn about a moral issue that you raised during the last mission that has been troubling me. I’ve requested his council early in the ‘morrow, so that we may resolve it quickly, move on, and then get the most out of the day. Will you join us?” {this is sort of a rhetorical question, but in any event, she steadfastly resists any attempts to explain beforehand what her concern is, only that it is related to the ‘spiritual well being of the party’}

If Florent sleeps soundly through the night, I’m guessing that he would be summoned after morning prayer/breakfast. Turtle has a troubled look on her face as she slowly begins:

“Thank you both for agreeing to meet with me. While not a direct follower of the Watcher myself, I am a believer in His missions and support most of his aims. Surely his temple here is no accident in line of the great evil re-awakening not far from us. I have also grown fond of Florent, and as a shield brother, he has repeatedly stood fast beside me in the face of grim peril. He is undoubtedly a fervent servant of the Vigilant One, and I respect his cause. However…”

Here she pauses to collect her thoughts.

“On our last sally into the darkness, there came to be a split amonst us as to how best handle our prisoner. The differences put myself and Florent were almost on opposite sides- my wanting to treat him honorably and with mercy, while Florent..{she initially has trouble meeting his gaze, but breathes, and seems to gain some inner strength to find his eyes}...Florent at one point advocated torture.”

She swallows here. “I think that he was still filled with the heat from battle and would not have done such a dark deed- nor would I have let him. Nonetheless, in our holy quest it is important that we not only guard our companion’s physical bodies, but guard our companion’s mortal souls as well. So I have come to Helm’s authority to request judgement in this matter, after Florent has had a chance to explain himself. I ask this in hopes that he and I may come out properly attoned, spirtually stronger and more united in cause.”

Her gaze stays steady, her eyes remain true.

Florent responds with his eyes brightened by a unwavering faith and belief. “I am glad to ‘ear of your interest in ‘Elm, Turtel. I think ‘is power is growing in you.”

(Turtle starts to move her head side to side, but stops)

“But misunderstand me, no? When we were in Tempel and captured this assasin, we try to tie ‘im up, but he escape with ease, no?”

She nods in agreement. “He was certainly skilled. We expected that, as we ourselves would have tried to escape under similar circumstances. Of course, you’re neglecting to mention that after slipping off his bonds, he remained seated on the bed until we awoke. Nor did he try to leave again or otherwise slow or mislead us.” She smiles in this scolding.

“I suggest we break ‘is legs no as a means of torture, but as a means of detainment. This ‘urt ‘im, yes, but we ‘ave no other way of knowing he no able to escape and go back to serving Tempel of Evil. I plan on saving a ‘ealing spell for ‘im, so ‘is injuries only temporary and no permanent.”

She shakes her head determinedly. “Evil done for good is still evil.” She crosses her arms suredly. “This is not something I can negotiate on and coming to point, is why we are here.”

“Alternative is to take ‘im back ‘ere and waste so much time while evil grows, which I no think is will of Ever Vigilant ‘Elm. A few hours of pain is justice, I say, for the good lives assasin ended.”

Again, a shake of the head. “Feldron is an honorable man. An evil man, but one who follows a code. Justice is not vengeance. Justice is fairness.

“Before we leave for Tempel again we need buy good set of manicles to lock prisoners in, then we no need for such extreme measures.”

She laughs. “I was actually going to stop by the blacksmith for some. I am glad there is an easy solution for the future.”

“But I stand by efficacy of breaking legs of evil man, no as a way of torture, but as a way of protection and security. ‘E pass out from pain, and when ‘e wake ‘e already ‘ave legs back. I still think this would ‘ave been better than this ten day side trip while letting evil grow stronger.”

Zeal burns in the eyes of the young man. Good and Evil are clearly black and white to him, so difficult choices are easy to make for him. Next he will start talking about the “axis of evil” and draw up plans to go to war with Iran and North Korea… wait, wrong zealot.

She sighs resignedly. “Of all these things, we will have to agree to disagree. Which is why we are here having this conversation.” (she shows a solitary index finger) “One, I will never do evil in the name of good, for protection or security, in Helm’s name or otherwise.” (putting the next finger) “Two, magic may fix the physical damage to him but there would be the memory for him and a scar on your soul.” (another finger) “And three, the evil may grow strong while we’re gone, so we will have to grow stronger on the meanwhile.” (turning to Terjon) “We need some guidance. This issue may seem trivial to some in our group, but to me it is a growing schisim.”


This week on Temple of Elemental Evil… OOG:

No consensus on trying to get a consensus as to the loot we have from adventuring. A brief discussion about how we break down party treasure. Confusion from everyone except Furnock as to why le cleric would love so much debt. Furnock knows debt is good especially when they owe YOU money. Money can be exchanged for goods and services and Furnock likes being serviced.

Party returns to Hommelet. We take Feldron the unrepentant to temple of Helm. Callmur is distressed to have a deadly assasin in his Temple but puts the POW up anyway and takes Feldron’s gear to check for scrying enchantments. All this while Turtle is adamant about upholding the Waterdeep Fair Treatment of Evil Prisoners Convention of 937.

Next the party heads to Jeroo Ashstaff who does know Feldron was one of the mercenaries who helped attack the Temple 60 years ago. The Mercenaries acted as a distraction during the battle and most died. Next the party splits up with Trevelyn, Furnock, and Pertinax going to the Inn. Sulmia goes to visit her father and Turtle going and buying new shields from the new weapon smith. Florent stays at the Helmite Temple.

Around supper time the party dines with Sulmea and her father. The next morning Pertinax gets super elven pissed when he finds out that Turtle’s new shields will take a ten day to complete, because the rest of us had counted on heading right back out to the ToEE. Furnock is secretly pleased because know he can cheat people out of their money at the Inn and drink alot. The party returns to the Helmite Temple to meet with the Hommelet civic leaders board and decide the fate of Feldron. Florent says the assasasin must die. Turtle says no. Everyone else is iffy until Sulmia convinces them to be merciful. The group decides to exile Feldron but make him do community sevice before he is given the boot. We level up except Furnock with roleplaying experience.

Regarding the ring, Florent exclaims: “Le ring save my life. Being inside monster of goo is bad enough. No being able to move is tres worse. I can no imagine giving away ring for something you say me is better. Eef someone else want ring, then we figure eet out. But eef only me want ring or we sell eet, I keep ring. You keep my gold.”

OOG: Florent is going with the bird in hand that saved his life is better than bunch of stuff he’s never seen before but others say is cool, in bush. (Insert joke here). Not tactically the best move, but this is Florent we’re talking about.

Regarding the prisoner: “What is this community service merde? Who ever ‘eard of such ridiculous thing. Next you say ‘Omlette need a service director and we ‘ire someone for this stupeed job. Unless my superiors correct me, assasin for ‘ire is bad. I say we definitely no give ‘im back ‘is stuff, no matter what pledge ‘e make.

Regarding the ten day wait: “Mon Dieu! Merde! Why we no send them some gold why we are at eet? Maybe some extra oil for burning us, and potions for ‘ealing. I know we should have broke ‘is legs and pressed on. Now eet ees my legs that get broken. Couf toi femmes et grand sen… mumbles rant in broken Florentese” I am with the irate elf on this one, for sure. Roberto, throw some good made up French curses in there for me.

Furnock glances around at the rest of the unnamed party of adventurers as the walk back towards Hommelet. He adjusts the mostly tattered remains of his frilly cuffs, clears his throat, and begins speaking. There is a quaver to his voice at first but he gains strength and volume as he talks to no one in particular…

“It’ll be o’ importy to knew ‘r cut ‘o ‘e loot. The Helm’s leg ‘umper wants his wee ring. Tas finn tat is to me. I say if’n any ‘o you lairdy bucks want not the shine but a sweet ‘itle trinket or bit ‘o pad’n thats o’l weel an gut, me thinks. No ‘un shood ‘ave a clatter ‘o plates agin tat, I say.

Nexty ‘o me mind is the busy ‘o cred’t ‘o tabs ‘o some such as. A boyo in deb’ can be count’n on in a pinch I always say. ‘cause it says in the scriptures ‘a in deb’t man be a proomis’d to his ‘older ‘o funds’ so its said. so we’un can count on debtors as it says in the scriptures it does. how much can someone claim ‘on credit?’

Lassenly is ‘e madder ‘o wieght and its pullers. Ta half human arrow chucker is a Lord ‘o ‘e bags ta me way ‘o tink’n. The res’ put in w’re caan do an we takes it nowce an’ show like. Aye? Watch cha say me hearty laddybucks?

“Furnock, mon ami, je ne compris toi. What is this umper of leg you speak of? I stand as ‘and of ‘Elm, no the leg. Mean you “un pere” of ‘Elm, as they say where I from, that ‘Elm is my father? Que’se que ce?”

OOG: I am with Steve on this one. Between the French slang I am blundering through with Helm’s horny little dog servant, and whatever accent Furnock has, I think the confusion only adds to the roleplaying possibilities. You can always ask for clarification, try to guess what he means, or in the case of Florent, take it as a license to translate his words into whatever meaning you want.

Furnock: “Feldron I ood ‘e be me tought. The feller donna be wear’n no goggles. Nor would ye ev’r peep ‘pon Furnock from the fron’. He bucks off too much methinks.”

recapping the recap

“No consensus on trying to get a consensus as to the loot we have from adventuring. A brief discussion about how we break down party treasure.” i.e ‘paying’ for an item’s 1/2 value out of your gp share and the possibility of having to bid on something should 2 or more party members both want it. Roberto pointed out that this has so far never happened, so we’ve secretly made the evil decision to bid on all his scrolls. oh crap, I shouldn’t have said we made a decision! oh CRAP, I shouldn’t have said it was secret. OH CRAP, I certainly shouldn’t have said it was evil!!! {sighs} Its too cold today.

“Confusion from everyone except Furnock as to why le cleric would love so much debt. Furnock knows debt is good especially when they owe YOU money.Money can be exchanged for goods and services and Furnock likes being serviced.” and 60,000ish gp can buy a lot of peanuts.

“Party returns to Hommelet.” Turtle asked to get some ooze samples (we have a shot glass worth) and some troll ash for the alchemist. don’t laugh.

“We take Feldron the unrepentant to temple of Helm. Callmur is distressed to have a deadly assasin in his Temple but puts the POW up anyway and takes Feldron’s gear to check for scrying enchantments.” which there were none. Furnock was incredibly relieved to learn that the gold box and urn are just the usual gold box and urn. Chan was ALMOST redeemed until the very last day, when apparently someone forgot to feed him. that’s Helm Hospitality for ya.

“All this while Turtle is adamant about upholding the Waterdeep Fair Treatment of Evil Prisoners Convention of 937.” Turtle actually makes reference to having to deal with a ‘blacksheep’ in her family.

{insert trip to the Tower} Party meets with Rufus the white-collared fighter. beleagured by paperwork, he has not yet tested the super weapon but will put in a good word for us about getting magic items identified. seems unflustered at the prospect of us facing giants.

“Next the party heads to Jeroo Ashstaff who does know Feldron was one of the mercenaries who helped attack the Temple 60 years ago. The Mercenaries acted as a distraction during the battle and most died.” *you left out the part about Turtle’s query getting JaRule to reveal on the down low that the evil forces being led by a slime demonness. the druid (who had been doing a mistletoe ceremony under the watchful eyes of the only straight bear in Faerun), explained how the attack on the Temple had come from several contingents and directions, involving thousands and thousands, including more elves than are usually seen.

Jeroo uses tea leaves to ‘look in on’ the Helm temple in accord with the Village Security Directives. he recognizes Feldron as a mercenary who was part of the ‘distraction’ force. this proves that Feldron’s claim of not only one time fighting for the forces of good, but also fighting against the Temple are true. (i.e he’s old, but maybe not as old as an Elf) it somewhat validates his feelings of betrayal.

Pertinax admits to disenchanting one of the wards on the doors. Jeroo says that he does not know how to put it back, but Turtle presses him to check, perhaps at the possibility that the information was written down somewhere or one of the surviving members knowing. We were reminded that the spy in Knolb (the old crone) was one such leader.

Jeroo was also unhappy about the clanging coming from the armorer- a triphammer which helps speed up production and also the non-Native American concept of land ownership- seems our mysterious patron has bought up some land.

Turtle wonders about donating coin to preserve Jaroo’s lands officially as well as seeking to quiet the noise from the armorer that she had encouraged to come. Pertinax makes a comment about Turtle “always trying to please everyone’ and thta this will one day ‘cause her to go to the dark side.” Turtle tells him she feels insulted.

{insert trip to alchemist’s} Alchemist has identified blood from previous trip as lion’s blood and has made a concoction that gives the drinker both the speed and vision of a lion, but also hair growth. he suggests whomever consumes not be in armor.

he will have tanglefoot bags ready, as well as some flash pellets. was interested in the shotful of goo.

“Next the party splits up with Trevelyn, Furnock, and Pertinax going to the Inn. Sulmia goes to visit her father and Turtle going and buying new shields from the new weapon smith. Florent stays at the Helmite Temple.” flagellating himself. actually, for Roberto’s sake I believe we dumped him off there right away. Also, the boys took off to go drinking despite Turtle’s wanting to have everyone stick together. like waffles.

“Around supper time the party dines with Sulmea and her father.” who still doesn’t know anything more about our secret patron. he makes a “she’s just like her mother” comment about Sulmea’s shadowdancing” and Turtle asks him about giants, bringing up his dead wife, ending the evening.

“The next morning Pertinax gets super elven pissed when he finds out that Turtle’s new shields will take a ten day to complete, because the rest of us had counted on heading right back out to the ToEE.” You’d have thought she went into South America. :P Turtle had become swept up in Edna Mole’s dramatic style review, and, with no one there to keep her sensible, gave in to new fashion. (If you let the woman go shopping by herself, you shouldn’t complain when you get a bill.)

“Furnock is secretly pleased because know he can cheat people out of their money at the Inn and drink alot” Trevalyn is secretly pleased because now maybe he can find some jaywalker or litterbug and cut off their thumbs.

“The party returns to the Helmite Temple to meet with the Hommelet civic leaders board and decide the fate of Feldron.” party suggests our votes be tallied and then the majority vote becomes equal to one. the ‘Big Five’ later reveal that our vote decides it.

“Florent says the assasasin must die. Turtle says no. Everyone else is iffy until Sulmia convinces them to be merciful.” actually, she made the tactical point that keeping him here might cause the Nightmasks to come here, and killing him would cause the Nightmasks to come for revenge. Trevalyn walks out, not because his vote was ‘meaningless’ as Pertinax put it, but because he wanted “not part in judging the fate of this man, or he himself judge.” nevertheless, he continued to yell things from behind the door.

“The group decides to exile Feldron but make him do community sevice before he is given the boot.” but its the big Australian version. also, he has to swear an oath and apologize. this is only if he wants his stuff.

“We level up except Furnock with roleplaying experience. What did I miss, anybody?” a bunch of jokes, some non-gay cookie hearts for Dan, and Furnock’s tittering laughter. all in all, another great session.**


also happening that session

*actually, we sent off most of what we found to be appraised, although there seemed to be a sub-committee on this with ‘starring’ certain things. OOG, Brian gave Dan the list and he will email us what stuff is worth and I assume its everything we found.

we also forgot to include mention of the artifact at the Helm temple that silenced the room that Feldron was in.

Pertinax mentioned the slime demonness during Feldron’s ‘trial’ and it was unclear if this was a matter for public knowledge or if Jeroo had wanted us to keep it a secret.

The Elf was Florentian in his determination to go back immediately, because “they will get stronger.” His response to not being prepared to deal with giants was that the group still had much of the current level to ‘clear out’ and would not face giants for awhile. Turtle was concerned that the giants would come up from their level, Pertinax said the corridors were too small, and DM reminded everyone that the corridors were ‘just right’- big enough for an ettin to get through.

The debate shifted as to when the party would finally ‘boost up’ if not now; Pertinax’s position was that they had been near full strength in the Temple, and that the trip back here was to only drop off the prisoner. Turtle’s view was it was time for much-needed upgrades. Pertinax said they would do that later, at a better ‘stopping point.’ This seemed to include going all the way up to the demonness if need be- “And we know that the best way to honor their sacrifice is to complete the mission, so we will stay until the fight is won.”

Turtle burts out laughing in game at the idea of fighting a demoness.

Yet she knew she had made a party-affected decision on her own, partly to cheek off the presumptive elf, so she had first offered to meet up with the group later, and then, to leave without her newly-improved shields. But then Selmia used a farm reference (“My daddy always said, when you get an egg with 2 yolks, you just eat them”) to point out how we are where we are, why not take advantage of the time and load up on food and supplies to really go for bear at the Temple.

This seemed to be accepted by everyone, although Vicy France will no doubt throw in their 2 Nazi-embossed francs.

Monty Haul: player discussion about treasure

1) what makes an item count towards ‘party treasure?’ 2) how much can someone claim ‘on credit?’ 3) who carries what

Here is my take on the proposed three big issues that need definintion…

Luke’s answer to 1: when no one claims it for their use it gets added to the total loot pot brought in by the party

Luke’s answer to 2: this one is tough, Furnock has alot of “on credit” items, so I can understand frustration about him being a coward in tough fights but thats him, personally I say we should be loading up Turtle the tank with a flaming shield of evil killing or some such. She seems to always be in the thick of it. Does Turtle have any magic armor, weapons, or items besides the glowing rusty whistle? No more magic items for Furnock! Just let him/me buy a rapier under his own power. I mean his cut. I’m almost done paying off Pertinax for the cloak. So that just leaves the goggles that I owe gp to the party.

Luke’s answer to 3: Lord O’ the Bags. How many bags of holding does Trevelyn have? How much needs to be carried?

What does everybody else thing?

Answer to Luke’s Question about 3:

I don’t have any Bags of Holding…. ; )

He has a Heward’s Handy Haversack (has 3 compartments, 2 smaller hold up to 20lbs. each, and largest holds up to 80lbs. of gear, but always only weighs 5lbs. at any given time and only costs 2,500gp).

He also has a Quiver of Ehlonna (has 3 compartments, Largest holds up to 6 items similar in shape to a bow, Medium holds up to 18 items similar in shape to a javelin, and Smallest holds up to 60 items similar in shape to an arrow, and only weighs 2lbs. at any given time and only costs 1,800gp)

The more Haversack’s a party has the more that can be lugged around…. but that is just my opinion. They are a great benefit, but not nearly as much as Bags of Holding, but those also weigh a whole lot more…. unfortunately.

sooo…we have to sort out:

1) what makes an item count towards ‘party treasure?’ 2) how much can someone claim ‘on credit?’ 3) who carries what Florent proclaims (in the arrogant blind faith sort of way): “I am keeping the ring. It save my life when others struggled to. ‘Elm wants me to ‘ave the ring.”

He stops short of stroking it and calling it Precious, but he’s grown attached.

I haven’t heard a total of how much the free action ring is worth, and it may be a crappy strategic decision, but Florent is a crappy strategic decision maker.

I also think the ring of storing should be counted as a party item as long as we keep storing group spells like “Prayer”, which helps everyone.

After that, Florent doesn’t really care. He’ll keep tithing when he finally gets back into the black with his debt, but ‘Elm provides.

He’s against a trip to the big city to cash in for better stuff. (And not just because he won’t benefit from all the debt he’s in). Too long for the temple to prepare. Commerce in Homlette is picking up, and is suiting us just fine.

Don’t forget, elaborate re-caps are your friends.

Pow-wow on the POW

“Furnock looks about at his companions, sweat beading his brow… “

Turtle pauses in her attempts to pack and turns to her stylish companion. “What say you about all this Front Brother?” Her face conveys a mixture of seriousness and interest.

OOC: Turtle has been hoping for additional support among the party, so she is curious as to what the point man thinks. If you’d like to have Florent say something in game, this can be an opening to do so.

Does Florent still get point man props when he is the rear guard of team Beta?

“I will serve ‘Elm by seeing this man to justice. Back to ‘Omlette we go, and I keep close eye on ‘im. Turtel, I admire your faith in the ‘uman condition, and the possibility that this one can be redeemed. I support you in this, even though I think he is a killing putant. But I will no agree with returning ‘is armor to ‘im/ Again, I no think we make it that far anyway.”


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