Shielding Alliance

Pow-wow on the POW

“Furnock looks about at his companions, sweat beading his brow… “

Turtle pauses in her attempts to pack and turns to her stylish companion. “What say you about all this Front Brother?” Her face conveys a mixture of seriousness and interest.

OOC: Turtle has been hoping for additional support among the party, so she is curious as to what the point man thinks. If you’d like to have Florent say something in game, this can be an opening to do so.

Does Florent still get point man props when he is the rear guard of team Beta?

“I will serve ‘Elm by seeing this man to justice. Back to ‘Omlette we go, and I keep close eye on ‘im. Turtel, I admire your faith in the ‘uman condition, and the possibility that this one can be redeemed. I support you in this, even though I think he is a killing putant. But I will no agree with returning ‘is armor to ‘im/ Again, I no think we make it that far anyway.”

Pertinax senses the schism: He is sensitive like that.

“I ‘ave already judged you. Try to escape again and I kill you and save us trip.”

Turtle frowns openly, clearly disapproving of the Helmite’s tone. She moves to hand the prisoner food and water. “Please, eat a little something now. The journey back will take awhile.”

(insert Trevalyn {probably} talking to Florent)

“Filldrune, do you have another change of clothes I can get you?” (looking around) “I apologize for the state of affairs we’ve left you in. Hopefully things will become better. Until then, I swear to look after your armor as I look after my own.” She begins packing up.

Pertinax is clearly conflicted. On one hand Turtle’s kindness to the prisoner, in contrast to the Helmite’s harsh words and demeanor, is more appealing to the elf’s sensibilities. People should be treated in a civilized manner. On the other hand this man is a likely assassin and agent of evil. These humans probably look at this fine elf as something of a moral compass. Oh, to be that plastic and absolute! The folly of ephemeral youth.

“My friends, during my long years of consciousness I have noticed that people make mistakes and sometimes find themselves down the wrong path. As such, I’d rather err on the side of compassion when dealing with our prisoner. While I won’t go out of my way to make his experience pleasant, he does deserve to be treated as a sentient being while the authorities decide his fate. Guilt by association is a tricky concept. Are we responsible for what our friends do? Say Furnock in the future, while in one of his alcohol-fueled escapades, kills someone. Would we all be guilty because we count him as an associate, and dare I say, friend? I have taught things to some of you. Am I responsible if you use those skills for evil?”

“My 144 years have not given me enough wisdom to know the answer.”

All before lunch...

As the debate about what to do with the prisoner continues, Florent tunes out and thinks to himself:

Que’se ce se? What is ‘appening? Mighty ‘Elm, you are called ‘The Vigilant One’. You instruct to always be ready to protect, to anticipate attacks. This morning I ‘ave been engulfed by slimy cube and body slammed by ugly minotaur, and it is no even time for midday meal yet. Que’se ce se??? Is this a test? If so I am failing ‘orribly. At times I ‘ave felt your divine might flow through me, healing mes amis and turning undead minions. But what kind of champion of ‘Elm gets surprised and ‘is ass kicked twice shortly after waking for the day Am I merely fooling myself that I can be priest of ‘Elm? There is only so many near death experiences that one can ‘ave before wondering if I need to change my direction before luck runs out. Or is this a test of faith? Do you want to test my inner strength? Do you want to see what I will do in the face of such adversity? I think it is better we return to ‘Omlette. I am so confused. Per’aps Kalmer or Terjon can ‘elp me see the ‘and of ‘Elm at work in this.

One this I know for certain, I no like being burned alive by acid, or being ‘eld above the snarling maw of a crazed minotaur. I must do something about this…

“OK, I say we take ‘im where ‘e can be properly judged. Try again with rope, Fernock. Maybe try two ropes this time. But know this, Feldron. To me and to ‘Elm, anyone who associates with place of such malice and evil and partners with such people declares themselves as no good. I ‘ave already judged you. Try to escape again and I kill you and save us trip.”

[Florent has no ranks in the Intimidate skill, and a whopping +1 Charisma bonus]

OOG: I have to say that playing a character that repeatedly gets his ass kicked in such spectacular ways is highly entertaining

Quietly listening to the bickering and bantering of the party and their captive/enemy… Treveylan holds his remarks to himself not wanting to repsond in the anger that overwhelmed him earlier.

Hearing the concerns of the zealous youth and wanting to quell the young mans actions, he steps toward the boy, I would like a word with you, lad, motioning the young man out ofearshot of the others.

“You and I hold the same beliefs… If only for this instance and there is no way he will obtain his armor again. He serves an evil purpose and therefore should not be afforded any leniency in my opinion. His death will be lamented by some, but I do noy any more so than any of our own. He has freely admitted that he has killed his enemies, or anothers enemies… I assume through for pay, he.breathes deeply and sighes.

You and I hold an ideal that may be out of our compatriots ideals and therefore we may alone in our intention. He deserves no acceptance from us and should punished as much as he attempted to us.”

Shhhh, be wary quiet. I’m hunting turtles… Florent whispers secretively back to Treveylan: “Oui, I agree. And what is with that crazy bitch Turtel? She seems quite taken with this man and his armor. I thought she only liked dragging the dead bodies around. I’m not sure we can trust her any more. She’s probably somehow scrying on our secret conversation right now. I say we kill her too, if she makes a move. We should probably do the gambler too, because the elf predicted he’s going to kill someone on a drunken binge sooner or later. Of course the rest of them will be witnesses, so lawfully we can’t let them live either. By then we’ll be bad ass mo fo’s, (read epic level) so I say we kill Burne and Rufus and take over Homlette. Then its only natural to go after the DM, who thinks he’s a god, and Helm doesn’t like the competition. Our plan is perfect. But don’t tell anyone, this is just between you and me.

wink, wink

No rest for the weary.

OOG: How long has it been since we rested? Unless time passed differently while Florent was in the ‘cube’, he thinks it will be a while before he can pray for spells again, which makes resting rather futile at this point.

“D’accord, OK, I know you ‘ad my best intentions in mind, eef no in practice. Still, no one answered my question, “What the ‘ell ‘appenned?”” Florent looks at his companions for wisdom. “I follow Turtel into ‘allway, and see debris ‘anging in mid air, but the air not look right. It rushes towards me, I react by swinging my ‘trusty’ flail, and then I am inside abomination with skin on fire. Does anyone know what was that thing? I thought I hurt it with my first blow, but hard to tell from inside creature. I do know that I love this new ring. I feel it save me somehow from going stiff like Sulmia. I keep eet even eef I no get share of treasure for a month, je pense.”

“If we squaresome of that discussion away now we can do more fighting Sunday.” definitely. square like ‘gelatinous cube’ square?

OOG: well we could try and decide what are gonna do, I know I have a longsword +1 what needs to go…” well, Trevalyn had said he fights with a longsword. and since Furnock owes $ on the goggles and, I believe,some coin for the elven boots (or elven cloak, one of the 2) he could use that towards his debts.

or he could just hold onto it, pulling the sword out every so often to irritate the half-elf. :P *

“I need a rapier.” our walking weapons store doesn’t have one?

“Anyway are we resting?” not yet probably. every time we do, the damn monsters run around and change things on us.

“Are wecontinuing?” Turtle had discovered that one of the other rooms had, much to her chagrin, a smashed chest. it would be sensible to at least check both it and where the cube came from before retiring.

“Are we pressing farther into the bowels of evil?” without a doubt. at least until we find prisoners. then we get to go home! :)*

surprise- more party in fighting

Furnock looks winded after dragging Sulmia for quite some time. Still red faced he starts cleaning some of the goo from Sulmia with just a little bit too much attention. He holds a frilly sleave to his nose and says to no one in particular “when the half elf thinks for himself why is it that we always end up bleeding profusely… well… actually I mean those of you who feel all heroic and all. A little stronger sense of self preservation is necessary sometimes.” “Oh well… next time no charging in to rooms without assessing the situation. No gnome dying this time.”

OOG: Dan that Jello beast was awesome!


Wiping the bit of ooze that accidentally splashed on his left boot Pertinax looks quizzically at the frilly human in the blood-stained frilly shirt.

“I am not sure I follow your reasoning there. What did Treveylan do? It seems to me that we were merely making sure that nothing creeped up behind us while going down the secret tunnel. A sound decision, to be sure.”

Turning quickly to hear the rogue speak lowly of his character again, And what would YOU have had me do master thief? Leave our flank unprotected? Hardly a wise action, especially in this place. I moved forward as the party had requested. Why is it you find no blame in ANY of your actions, but never hesitate to point a finger at me? What have I done to you that merits your disdain of me?

You are allegedly a master at traps and locks…yet you are hesitant to assist in most cases; unless it serves that you gain more wealth.

Further, you are adept at sneaking behind people and yet you are unlikey to use that to your advantage… which would benefit us all.

It is sad that you are quick to blame me for EVERYTHING that seems to go wrong… Why is it you share no blame for anything, or point your finger to me? I grow tired of you hiding behind your accusations… Be a man and say what you mean directly! Do not guise your thoughts or feelings.. be honest… or is that not a part of your vocabulary?

Furnock looks over at the half elf with disdain ” winky gov, I’ll know a spotty bit o’ noggin’ work when I see it. Charge flags unfurled into a chap’l of evil wit noot a wink o’ tought behind it. We should have skeedaddled back up the hall an’ left the wicked folk come through the eye o’ the needle, ye blasted brain adled woods walker. There was no gnomey chap in need o’ sav’n this time. As to your character I made no reverence to it. On’y y’er tink’n. Now boyo ye havesomething to hurl about me job? You want me to look about every ten inch to make sure you donna stub your toe? Have ye yet sprung a trap on me watch? Or left any door un-opened?” As to the Helm-lover almost becoming a perminant addition to that goo beast. I saw lil’ o’ that, but the laddy-buck does seem upset fur some reason now don’ he? I’ll look to ye te figger it out.” Now Furnock looks over at Sulmia “sorry about the bum run lassy, I an’t much fer lift’n wieght.”

(He blushes an begins shuffling cards)

OOC:Hilarious accent for Furnock, Luke!


“Well, in spite of his eloquence, or lack thereof, our human companion in the bloody frilly shirt does have a point. I erred thinking that he was referring to the fight with the cubed blob. He was speaking about the previous fight, the day before. Why did he wait until now to speak is anyone’s guess, but his point is well worth discussing. The fight turned out well, and there are those that think that all’s well that ends well. Nevertheless, I do agree with Furnock in that perhaps it would have been a far more advatageous strategy to form the shield wall in the corridor, minimizing our exposure to their crossbows and to flanking from those large brutes.”

“Still, in the heat of battle it can be difficult to adjust. It is just something to keep in mind for the future.”

“I know why HE is upset with me!!!,” pointing directly at Florent, “But you seem to have a loose lip when speaking ill of me!!!”

Trying vainly to keep his composure, his face is contorted with frustration, “I more oft than not I hear you make a quip about me, or about my actions. Not ONCE have I heard you slander another in this group. If you have problems with my thinking and actions, I can surely say that I have problems with your resolve. You seem to be one who would rather run at every chance rather than stand up and fight. Nine out of ten, you are right beside me when we are searching the hallway, and when there is danger, you run like a scared animal!! Do NOT speak to me of rash behavior and strategy, for yours seems to involve only yerself and none other.”

His rage slowly reducing, “I realize that no trap has been sprung on while you worked, nor any door left unopened. Again this speaks well of your gifts, but as I am always near you and watching closely what you do, I too am learning how to do what you do. My strongest concern is your reaction to flee. You have the same skill as any of us to fight. Yet you run when you should stand and fight, taking advantage of our enemies weaknesses while they are engaging any one of us in battle.”

If you were not referring to the battle with the blob, I can only assume you mean yesterday. I had not had the time to really think through my actions, I was nearly caught unawares, and sought only get away from the open space. Sometimes that may be nearer to your enemies, and sometimes it is not. My emotion led me to take the battle to them, I did not feel the need to run from them. If we backed up, their priest may have used spells that could have effected us all. My judgment was not sound, but in retrospect it did turn out well. I admit, I am not one to “run-hide”, but would rather stand and face my enemy, even if that means I may die in my attempt. Tis a great thing and glorious end, to leave this plane on the battlefield.”

A deep breath escapes him, his anger finally quelled, “If you have an idea regarding tactics, speak freely. I am more than willing to listen to whatever you may have to say in that respect, Furnock. But you and I seem to have directly opposing instincts, as it pertains to battle, so we will need to find a middle ground that may work. All the strategies in the world can be undone by the simplest of errors, mind you. But a plan is always a good thing to have.” He stands back waiting, listening to what Furnock might have to say, or what anyone else may be thinking.

Still shuffling cards, Furnock languidly replies “settle your wee elfy bottom half human, I’m no hero, nev’r claimed it, nev’r wanted it, nev’r was it. If I skeedaddle me chances of survival jump up like a horny hare. An sometimes bein will’n to jump ‘n run like a squirrel leads the bad ‘uns into ground o’ me choosin’. Now were’n you lot to let me ‘n somebody sneaky and also will’n to run, we’d round up some rowdies and bring ‘m to you lot wait’n in nice spot an we’d be all over ‘m like ticks on a terrier… or we can keep ram’n an a’ root’n…thaats up to you lot

aka, fun with a gelatinous cube. and by 'fun' we mean having your character swimming inside thanks to a Necklace of Adaptation

“Zut Alor!” Florent does his best to scrape gobs of ichor off his armor. “What the ‘ell ‘appened?” Turning to Treveylan, “Why the rope come in, then let go of me, only to come back in? And why you only drag me ten feet, when you can see ‘ow far the abomination can move? Covered in slime, I am even easier to drag, yet you don’t even drag me out of its range!” Wiping ick from his brow he turns to Turtle. “And what are you doing with this bed?!? When you in need of ‘ealing, you come to me quickly, but when I am in need of ‘elp, you take your couf toi time? Congratulations! Between your two combined efforts, I dub this ‘Worst Rescue Ever!’”

Turtle lowers her head embarassedly, mumbles something about ‘not taking healing’ and shuffles quietly over to the intersection where she had come from, taking up a guard position while the others debate. She does her best to keep watch, but her attention occasionally shifts back to keep up with the discussion OOC: Turtle has pretty much always taken healing last

Turning to Sulmia, Florent exclaims, “Mon Cheri, you are tres brave. Are you OK?” And Pertinax, thank you for your formidable magique once again.” Obviously flustered by yet another near death experience, he continues to look around the room wide eyed. “Praise be to ‘Elm?”

OOG: I dub this “Funniest Encounter Ever!” I thought Roberto was going to wet himself he was laughing so hard. Holy comedy of errors, Batman! Kudos to Dan for orchestrating such a surprising and entertaining encounter. Even as I write a post-game response, I find myself chuckling all over again. Funny as hell!

It was hilarious! I can’t believe that in all my years of playing D&D I had never fought one of those. In this particular case our ignorance actually made for one of the most memorable and funniest encounters we’ve had. Of course, it’s funnier when it is not my character that is being slowly digested by the blob.


“Florent, both Treveylan and Turtle were doing what they thought best to aid you. It may not have been the most effective strategy but it was well intentioned. Treveylan’s idea in particular had merit, but the implementation was faulty. I think the prospect of joining you inside that thing made everyone too nervous to be truly effective. I had the advantage of more than a century of training and the ability to stay out of the range of the pondering thing. It only attempted to engulf me once.”

“Another thing, Florent. Your zeal may have been a disadvantage. It may have served you better to be cautious and attempt to stay out of the way of that thing than to try and attack it from the area it was attempting to engulf. Knowing when to strike and when to step aside is most difficult, particularly for the young and ephemeral.”

“Look lad… before you start laying blame on anyone, if you feel that I did my worst to help you, then fine. Other than Sulmia running up to the globulous mass, I did not see anyone else get nearly as close to that thing as I. True, if it was not for Pertinax, more of us would likely be stuck inside that thing.

The “rope” you speak of… does has limits to its’ ability Florent, as much as you or I do. I did my best to help you, and when I pulled you out I thought that you would run full speed away from the thing… or as fast as full speed for you is. My error. But again, I think that my realization of the ropes use, and my fear of joining you in that thing overwhelmed my reactions. I could only drag you ten feet as that is the limits of the rope… unless you think I was intentionally attempting to harm you, you should be thankful for what we tried to do. I don’t expect you to appreciate my actions, as I can understand your perspective. I am sorry, my nerves did get the best of me and clouded my judgment… as they did yours, it seems. You don’t always have to stand and face a beast. Sometimes it is better to retreat and redirect your attacks… find the best way to gain an advantage.

It won’t happen again… you can count on that…” his voice trails off with a bit of sorrow mixed with nervous anger in his voice…

Snapping Turtle
aka, Turtle responds to the 'Troll Waltz'

Turtle is a contrast in color. Green and oily troll blood covers the silver glistening mithral. “Well that was fun.” She stomps over to the obviously injured Florent. “Cleric, if you’re going to carry such a damned big shield, why don’t you USE it?!” She whacks one of her much smaller shields against his, the light metal producing a ringing tone after hitting the wall of wood that is a tower shield. “You are still not fighting smartly.” She glares at him angrily.

{Tower Shield: ‘In most situations, it provides the indicated shield bonus to your AC. However, you can instead use it as total cover, though you must give up your attacks to do so.’ So we go see total cover on page 152; ‘You can’t make an attack against a target that has total cover.’}

“Zut alor femme stupeed!” Florent winces as he takes a breath and tries to keep reign in his anger. “So you want for me to cower while troll attacks you instead? All you were doing was crouching next to me ‘iding behind your shields! Eef we just cower as wall of steel, ‘ow long you think it be before troll simply smash down the wall. This was big monster, tres forte. What you do eef eet decide to rip your shield away from you? You think you stronger than troll? Or what eef eet take step back and then rush us like bull, you think it no able to knock us over? I ‘ave seen a turtel on its back, and it is no pretty. And even eef we can withstand, how long you think it take for one archer to kill a troll? No you ‘ear the battel going on behind us, the cries of pain from the ‘alf-elf? Cleric of ‘Elm protect all, no cower behind shield. Next time you attack with me, then we able to ‘elp mes amis much sooner. I would call you snapping turtel for your anger and tongue, but a snapping turtel knows to bite when attacked!” Florent spotlights Turtle with his shining shield of Helm as we waits for the inevitable angry retort.

OOG: I seriously don’t think the total defense, total cover plan would have worked, but even so do you really think Florent would hide completely behind his shield and wait. Think teen invulnerability, male ego, and crappy fighter. Remember the natural 1s and the reason he became a cleric in the first place?

“Stupeed, huh?’ She smiles grimly in return. “Helm teaches us many things so that we do not fight stupidly. ‘Know your foe.’ Trolls can not be killed without fire, so hitting it without flames only makes it madder. I was trying to hold it off until Elven vengeance could burn it. Yes, the thing could have grabbed our shields or bullrushed us.” (she brings hers together) “That is why Helm teaches us to, ‘Anticipate attacks and be ready.’ Such attacks can be stopped and most using them would face our wrath beforehand.”

{OOG: this is AoO which would happen not only BEFORE the Bullrush, unless it had Improved, but also AFTER it moved one of us. To get us prone/on all backs, also provokes AoO unless it has Improved Trip.}

“It is not hiding to duck behind a shield once in awhile Florent. ‘Careful planning always defeats rushed actions in the end.’ “That is what shields are for, particularly ones umm, as large as yours.” (she blushes for a second but continues) “There are techniques to not become disarmed or even more simply, equipment that can help prevent it from happening- ‘Care for your weapons so they may perform their duties when called upon.’ “I will ask the armorer next time we’re back to see about making us some.” (she takes a knee) “Helm does say, ‘Protect the weak, poor, injured, and young,’ but I am not sure the half-elf would admit to being any of those, even if he ever was.” (she winks at Trevalyn)

“If nothing else, remember that we are not stronger than trolls, but we are indeed smarter- our tactics are proof if we truly follow Helm’s heed to, ‘wait and watch carefully.’ Should this Turtle be knocked onto her back, she can bring herself to her feet on her own, yet she would trust in her friends, especially a young, vigilant one, to help her.” (smiling and rising) “And to be fair, I have had some good moments in battle. Now what is our next move?”

OOG: I seriously don’t think the total defense, total cover plan would have worked, but even so do you really think Florent would hide completely behind his shield and wait. Think teen invulnerability, male ego, and crappy fighter. Remember the natural 1s and the reason he became a cleric in the first place?

*yeah: being a crappy fighter. :P Look, I wasn’t suggesting that Florent ONLY duck behind his shield, but in the ‘waltz’ he was only getting beat on, without really doing anything on his own- he could have spent a round or two taking cover to let the troll focus on the actual fighter instead. With the Move Equivalent requirement, Turtle wasn’t able to do anything when he kept breaking the wall, then remaking the wall, then he’d break it again, then at one point he said he wanted to keep the wall, but then he broke it again. :P It was frustrating for her so she needed to vent

Finally, I was suggesting as a player a VITAL part of the Tower Shield ability (complete cover) that I honestly could not remember Florent ever using, so I took an in game moment to point it out to Chris. Since Florent has been brought down low several times in the campaign, it makes sense to use this important feature of the item to keep himself alive so he can bring others back.

Treveylyn, “Aye… Before we start throwing blame around like a discarded rag… Keep in mind that we ALL must work in unison to achieve our goal. I reacted foolishly, I forgot about the basic principles of trolls, charging into my own near death. Mine own stupidity nearly cost me me own life… Thank you Florent for your healing, tis much appreciated.”

“As much as I would like to bicker and argue… We are here to fight ahainst somthing larger than the five of us… Stick together, be strong, do not lose sight of our goal. Let us not argue amongst ourselves and quarrel over pittances, when there are foes who deserve our vengeance… Let us bring to them our frustrations and anguish… Release it upon them…make THEM pay.”

OOG: this is AoO which would happen not only BEFORE the Bullrush, unless it had Improved, but also AFTER it moved one of us. To get us prone/on all backs, also provokes AoO unless it has Improved Trip.}

My understanding is that when you take total cover or total defense, you give up your AoO. Hard to anticipate an attack when you’re hiding behind a six foot shield.

In game, I think it makes good roleplaying sense to have Turtle vent and Florent and her bicker. Life and death situations have a way of raising the tension (I would imagine) and the emotions/adrenaline. They are still getting to know each other and figure out how to fight/live together. I’m thinking with the NE playoff victory and roleplaying awards, we’ll be leveling up right quick!

Return to the Temple

Back in Hommlet, the town has seen a sudden influx of newcomers. Ashrem Jaer, an alchemist of some renown, has arrived with a small crew to set up shop. His services are sure to assist not only a certain group of adventurers, but also those looking to complete the keep that slowly grows about the high ground in town.

Alchemical goods, as well as potions of up to 750 gp value, can be created by Ashrem and his assistants with a 1-2 day wait, depending on the item. Goods sought by him are currently limited to alchemical elements. He is a stickler regarding the purity of gemological and biological ingredients, and prefers to supply his own in that regard.

Also, well announced and sweeping into town with the noise and chaos of a gnome inventing conference, is Darley Sargen, a diminutive weapon and armor smith who comes to town with an entourage of twenty apprentices, gofers, and laborers. She has hinted that hers is a wandering mercantile, having made a detour to Hommlet from the North-South trade route for the promise of outfitting a burgeoning armed presence and the coins of adventurers looking for something unique and personalized. She looks down at what she calls “off-the-rack outfitting” and will have little use for mundane, even master-work (well, other people’s masterwork) arms and armor.

Darley can ensorcerell most metal arms and armor up to +2 bonus equivalent. Prices are at 150% book rate for ensorcerellment, 150% for the creation of magical arms and armor.

The return to the Temple revealed to the adventurers some disturbing events. Outside the Temple, upon the brackish grounds, a half dozen bodies lay. They were garbed in the brown of the Earth Temple, and each was in various states of decay and devourment. Turtle reconnoitered (“That’s a French word!”) the ruined tower and was promptly driven back by the overwhelming odor of the bodies that rotted within.

Entering the Temple proper, the party made for the last area of the lower level: A great bronze door carved with glyphs of power. Furnock, showing unheard of bravery, scoured the door and attempted to deactivate its dread charm. Upon touching the door, however, a great blast of cold poured through his body. Within lay 11 crypts that held what appeared to be past clergy devoted to the Temple of Earth. The cracking of bones filled the chamber as Turtle rid the occupants of their signet rings, and a magical cloak was found as well.

Checking on the routes down to the second level, it was found that the spiral stairwell in the far part of the halls had been filled near to the top with debris and soil. Apparently a ten-day in town had allowed the Temple faithful a chance to gird their defenses against an expected intrusion.

Two ways down remained. The first, down a wide flight of stairs to the south of the Greater Earth Temple, ended at another set of doors warded against even intruding eyes. None dared look upon these doors, much like the similar set that barred passage to the upper works. Pertinax let loose the smooth syllables of arcane might that sought to drop the power which kept the door from being approached. As high elven dismissal melted the magics, Turtle and Furnock were gripped with a sense of foreboding akin to the cliche that someone feels that another has walked over one’s grave. Now able to look closer at the door, Pertinax and Florent agreed that the magics upon the door were likely meant to keep something within, as well as keeping others out.

That left the ramps down, known to the party as the passage where warmth came as well an interminable stink. They made their way down the ramp to a passage that veered left and right. Before them lay a great bronze door blocking the way northward. None could estimate the weight of such a door, so great was its size.

The party turned to the right and began to look into a circular chamber with a high domed ceiling. A great length of chain was a attached to the floor. Droppings, bones and debris littered the floor. Movement was heard from the a south passage that joined the circular room. Furnock and Trevelyan (sp?) prepared to greet what came just as Sulmia and Florent, who were guarding the rear, heard similar movement coming from the west.

Two massive trolls, long, cruel weapons in their hands, moved to catch the party in between them. Turtle moved to block the west passage as Pertinax, Furnock, and the scout set to fighting the troll in the circular chamber. They fought the troll in the round room until it fell while the troll to the west skirmished with Florent and Turtle, with Sulmia peppering it with arrows.

Elven fire laid low the great creatures, with a flaming arrow shot from Trevaylan’s bow. Trevaylan returned to the round chamber in time to see the troll they had dropped rising again, its legendary healing having brought it dim life again. Charging to meet it, Trevaylan was swept up in the creature’s claws as it rended the poor scout. At last the creatures were assured fallen and set to the torch…........

Experience Point Awards

Combat: 2 Trolls 2400 xp Traps: Frost Glyph 1200 xp Quest Award: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie 600 xp Total: 700 xp each player

To me this “skirmish” in the west played out more like a ballroom dance. First, hum some waltz music in your mind. Then picture Florent and Turtle bowing to the troll. The music begins as Florent steps forward, (swing miss) troll (jab, jab), Florent forward, troll steps back, (swing miss, jab jab,) da da da da dum, dee dee, dee dee, da da da da da (swing miss, jab jab)...

say what you mean, mean what you say
a slight miscommunication between a male character and a female character

Furnock begins rolling his loaded dice across his knuckles. He slides over towards Turtle and whispers “I hate the dank dirty string o’ tunnel’n tubes, so whats say we get laird greasy ‘stashe back to ‘e town aye? We promise the laddybuck and bag-lord to that we take the ‘is scumminess to the priests ‘o Helm. We also promise the others if he runs we put the feller in the death no buts about it. An we promise the ruffian his armor back once we know his what he is truly capable of. That seems a good way to hand’r it. Eh? Watcha say lasssy?

Initially, Turtle watches his show of dexterity, obviously impressed with the ability to spin the dice. Her fingers try to subtly mimic Furnock’s display in turn, but are too thick to match his movements. The smile drops to confused look when he says ‘tunnels’ and ‘tubes,’ turning into a shocked expression when the phrase, ‘so whats say we get laird greasy’ comes out of his mouth. Turtle waits until he finishes, eyes somewhat stern, hands readying shields. Stepping a little closer, she snarls, “Furnock, are your propositioning me?”

For once Furnock looks truly shocked, “lassy I talk’n aboot greas’n ‘e elvish laird nort fiddli’n ‘tween sheets! We’ll be need’n his elvishness to ‘elp convince ‘e upstand’n killer two” Suddenly he looks hopeful and winks at Turtle “thas always enough Furnock to go aroun’ jus you wait fo’ towns ‘n taverns dearie”

OOC:Pertinax better not figure out that you are calling him a “greasy laird” or there will be some High Elven Vengeance going your way. BTW, this is hilarious!

Eyes widening, Turtle suddenly understand her misunderstanding. “Unmmm…Noooooo…no THANK YOU…Mr. Fernock. That’s not the sort of climbing and jumping I enjoy. You could always play around with our magic rope though.” She winks at him, before returning to packing.

“His Elvishness seems to be enlightened enough. About your plan, {We promise the laddybuck bag-lord/We also promise the others etc..} I do not make idle promises. If I swear to do something than I obligate myself to do it.” (lowering her voice a little) “I have already made holy oaths to protect our town, although I am not sure that is what we are doing. In fact I wonder if we are actually making things worse by stirring things up, awakening that which should be left alone…”

“BTW, this is hilarious!” ‘Get-some-XP’ hilarious’ or ‘I’m-bored-at-work’ hilarious?

Florent walks over from his conversation with Trevalyn.

“Turtel, I admire your faith in the ‘uman condition, and the possibility that this one can be redeemed. I support you in this, even though I think he is a killing putant. But I will no agree with returning ‘is armor to ‘im/ Again, I no think we make it that far anyway.”

*Turtle looks surprised. “I appreciate your faith Florent. I’ve realized that trying to reform others is a calling, one that soothes a troubled heart. But why do you say we won’t make it? As long as we aren’t going down to where giants dwell, we should be ok.”

Does the Geneva Convention Apply?

Furnock looks about at his companions and cannot help but feel he is being sized up for some reason… The half human looks about at all with eyes burning with rage barely held in check, ready to bare lethal lawful good retrribution down upon the unworthy. Furnock listens to the positions take by the Elvan Wizard, the Cleric of Hem, and the Woman Warrior… Furnock begins to think extremely hard. sweat beading his brow… what to do?

Pros of the POW: -valuable source of information -surrendered so he must be treated humanly because we are NOT evil…

Cons of the POW: -internal threat to the party -prisoner is a rogue bringing unwanted attention to rogue class as a whole, therefore should be eliminated…

hmmm… Furnock realises his opinion is of little consequence, the other adventurers generally ignore his complaints and whining. So his opinion on the prisoner is of little import. Best to bring the prisoner to the Clerics of Helm in Hommelet but at the first sign of chase to just slip off the dead wieght and make back to Hommelet under a lighter load…


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