Shielding Alliance

and the not diplomatic way to do things

Didius, who has been very quiet while sipping some juice from a goblet, says: “If possible, could I be present during this attempt to convert the criminals? I would like to dedicate at least one song in what surely will be my magnum opus to this pursuit.”

Turtle nods emphatically, then pauses. “Well, if its ok with Treveylan.” She looks over towards the ranger bashfully.

Turning to Turtle, “Please do not attempt to use your feminine wiles on me,

(Turtle’s mouth drops)

..they will do little to convince me to turn the evil doers. Just be forthcoming and do not try to be coy about it.”

(She looks angry and her hands clench the chair)

“I dislike when I am used as a pawn of anyone’s ideas. If you want me to help, ask for my help. Do not try to gain my assistance with foolishness.”

(Her eyes squint together and you hear the chair cracking)

“We are a team and should treat each other as such. I will help, but if at any point it seems hopeless, I may rescind my efforts. Chan is probably more akin to our efforts, whereas Feldron may be much more difficult to turn to the light. he may be lost forever already.”

STVE OOG: Dude, you TOTALLY have the wrong meaning for that word.

(Turtle sits, stewing angrily for a minute before closing her eyes and muttering Holy verses to herself as Treveylan walks out)

Watching Treveylan walk away from the breakfast table Florent gleefully joins in the conversation: “Turtel you two timing whore! ‘Ow you flirt with the ‘alf-elf when you’ve just given me your apple core. Everyone knows this is universal invitation to plant my seed in you.” Florent then ducks to avoid the anticipated flying projectile sent his way. ‘Ow come we ‘ave woman who acts more like man in this party, and male ‘alf-elf who acts more a woman? Good work on stirring up pot without me. Nothing like morning drama to start off the day!”

Pertinax “Perhaps, but I think the disadvantages outweight the advantages. In any case, this is empty rhetoric until we have an actual proposed course of action regarding Nulb.” “Speaking of which, we need Furnock. I will check his room.”

Pertinax walks up to Furnock’s room an knocks on the door.

STEVE OOG: Roberto had this in another email, but given Treveylan’s abruptly leaving, I thought it made more sense for the elf to wait. ‘berto, what do you think? btw, Pertinax was replying ‘perhaps in response to Turtle’s idea of having some members check out Nulb.

SOOOOO…then we move on to the player discussion of this.

BRIAN: Not if you have been giving him grief about much of what he does a good portion of the campaign, I don’t. {have wrong definition of ‘bashful’)

STEVE RESPONSE: the major source of grief for Treveylan is Florent, period. trying to say Turtle picks on him ‘a good portion of the campaign’ is wacky. hell, she just stood up for him 30 seconds ago in game when Pertinax made a comment.

BRIAN: He does not know if you are using it to try to sway him to your side of the perspective, or not.

STEVE RESPONSE: the ‘it’ being her tits? I think you confused ‘bashfully’ with ‘batted’’ as in ‘bat your eyes’ at someone. if I was going to have a character make a seductive pass, I would use a lot more description for the body language. i get how you thought Pertinax was being sarcastic (hell, I thought it too) but I’m taken-aback why you’d think she’d suddenly prostitute herself. thats nothing like how I’m trying to play this character.

so kids, to be crystal, PLEASE let the record reflect that Turtle was NOT flirting with Treveylan. She was reluctant to impose on him and not sure how to ask for a favor. That’s it. Only the goal of saving these schmuck’s souls kept her from flipping out. Hey, thats what women do when you say insensitve shit like; “Vasectomy? In another few years you’ll hit menopause”

BRIAN: As your character has griped about his (Treveylan’s) lineage, the rope of climbing and many other things, he treats much of what Turtle says as baited.

STEVE RESPONSE: THATS how you remember my character?! Not for any of the plethora of good ideas/tactics/party changers?!

You suck. Turtle has a kick-ass resume.

ROBERTO: Man, I love e-roleplaying.


ROBERTO: In all fairness, regardless of the dictionary definition, appearing to be bashful is a time-honored flirting technique. The question is whether Turtle is genuinely bashful or putting the moves on Treveylan. I’m guessing Treveylan bombed his sense motive check here though.

BRIAN: didn’t roll one.. didn’t want to… refer to reasoning in previous email

DAN: I love the ‘you suck’ part

the diplomatic way to do things

Pertinax: “Perhaps another option would be to magically contact our allies but that could be hard to do without attracting attention to them.”

Turtle nods. “I’m sure those ‘old hags’ already have some system for reporting in, but I’m curious as to what, if anything they’ve learned so far. Have our activities produced any noticeable changes in Nulb?” She flicks an apple core at Florent. “Furnock would have better ideas for spying than me, yet after beating down giants I’m not scared of some bandits. It was one thing to scurry through there when we were greenhorns, but if it saves time going through there, we go through there and woe be the bandits foolish enough to challenge us.”


I remember the Hommolet-cleric-Helm-dude (I forgot his name) being concerned about not hearing from his boss one of the ‘hags’. So I don’t believe the town has contact with the ‘hags’.


Yeah, that sounds vaguely familiar, ala the door that we couldn’t go through that Brian was talking about

Pertinax, “Well, it’s one thing to not be scared and quite another to invite aggression. We don’t know what kind of forces are in Nulb. A planned ambush, given that they know how we like to fight, could be quite deadly.”

Turtle bursts out laughing. “I’m sorry, but that’s just funny since we’re always racing off to hunt down a slime demon.”

Pertinax looks perturbed. “I’m not sure why you find this amusing. Defeating the temple is our self-appointed mission and we return to fight the evil we know is there. That’s quite different than inviting fights in Nulb too when we may not have to.”

“So we’re worried about bandits, but not demons?” Turtle shrugs again. “There’s advantages and disadvantages to splitting our forces. Our party sure has grown from when I started. Any more people join and we can have a whole other team. Maybe inky can lead it.” She crunches on some more toast. “And one day Chan, or even Feldron could be a part of what we do.”

Pertinax, “If Treveylan can’t move them to repent with his honeyed tongue then no one can.” Pertinax says.

Turtle frowns. “I know you’re being sarcastic, but Treveylan was the one who was able to convince Meelub that our mutual arrangement for discounts deserved that 3,000 (?) gp larger scale. Heck, even though it was my idea, it’d never have gone anywhere without him speaking it.”

OOC: Turtle is talking about how we’ll get the 10% bonus to buying/selling for items up to, I believe a 6,000 gp cap. A major coup for us financially.

“Turtle, I was not being sarcastic. Treveylan may have a temper that gets the better of him sometimes but there is no question that when he is focused he is a very good negotiator.” Turtle holds up her hands in mock defense, appearing skeptical.

Treveylan, “Pertinax, your sarcasm is duly noted. While I was able to gain us a better deal with Meelab, if not without the team it could not have been done. The deal was agreed at 6000gp… I was hoping for 8000, but 6000 is no small sum either,” he smiles.

Pertinax, “As I said before, I wasn’t being sarcastic. I may give you a hard time on account of you being nobility and all but your skill at diplomacy is evident.”

Treveylan, ””My apology, I appreciate your faith in my ability. As for my nobility… Trust me, I am no more noble than the next man, elf, orc… whatever. I’m just the being I am, no more, no less.”

Looking a bit more humbled, ” I am sorry that my debt had slipped my mind… it was an error. There is much I am thinking about and how to best attack the temple. I still have some coin, but if it takes giving up all my coin to make some sense of restitution, I will.” He gets up to leave, “I will be around town, if you need me look near the druids grove, or near the woods around town.”

ROBERTO: OOC:Cue in the music from the end credits of Hulk.

BRIAN: [OOC: Ooh! Ooh! Look at me! Look at me! I’m walking away now! Look here I go…]

working vacation

Early the next morning Turtle strides over to the group’s tavern table for breakfast, shields in tow, dabbing her brow. “I’ve been up for a bit, doing a run.” She carefully sets the spiked weapons down before plopping down. “There’s some sense in maintaining our adventuring routine to make sure the Alliance does not lose the edge that keeps us alive.” She chugs some water and begins chowing eggs. “Did anyone hear from Furnock?” A quick look around. “That spider cloak probably came in handy. I myself am taking the boys,” a foot tap one of the spike in the tail of the celestial manticores, “over to the armorer for an upgrade.” Pausing to chew, she continues, “The enchantments will take the ten days to animate the mouths to attack on their own accord, almost as good as my own combat ability. One day I hope to have the wings themselves move, flying me into battle. Until then, this is a crucial improvement, much needed to hold the line.”

She butters up three pieces of bread. “So I’m glad that Helm blessed us with his divine grace and that his boy devotee, has developed wisdom enough for us to revitalize. This leg will be crucial towards our success and we must use this lull in the fighting properly.” Moving onto some picked fruit, she chomps on an apple. “Pertinax will no doubt spend time copying the Knock, Enhancer, and Darkvision spells into his book. It would be nice to have Slow available to us as well, but the Wand of Healing was necessary. Of course we could always sell that wonderful rope.” A brief smile. “Onto a tense subject, as far as debt goes, I’d like to suggest that we set aside argument about this until the next time we come across enough treasure to split, but agree to maintain more obvious records until then.” She reaches for the pitcher and refills her cup. “Please let it be on the record that I loaned our resident Elven wizard 703 gold for the magical inks. He’ll calculate what the scrolls themselves cost and let us know. Now that no one will be wearing that nice cloak from our friends at the Temple, Florent’s record is safe.”

A brief bow. “The Watcher protects, when he is listened to. Perhaps Florent can request additional guidance from Him before we go back.” She shrugs. “At this point we seem to not understand what exactly is going on, especially with this latest revelation of another dark side in the Temple play- that Sultan who the giants were working for. I still say that there is a connection somehow between Knulb and the Slime Demon’s forces that we should investigate.” Leaning forward. “Maybe this is something a few of us can check out during the week. Or even do a little reconnaissance on the Temple itself.” Another hunk of bread, washed quickly down with some water. “Meanwhile, if Treveylan can borrow the charisma-aiding magic and wouldn’t mind helping me speak with Feldron and Chan for an hour a day, perhaps that might be the light which brings their conversion. Will you think on assisting me? Please?” Her eyes shine brightly, yet she appears bashful at requesting the favor.

and where we are now, thanks to last session

We were all pretty tired, and since Dan had awarded us 200 XP apiece for the email roleplaying we did the weeks before, (some of which I mentioned previously) we kept to town.

The Alliance sold stuff, bought stuff, dropped stuff off at the armorer’s, and at some point Furnock went off using his new spider cloak to do his own sneaky-sneak, aided by Elven Dextrousness right before a revelrie. Too bad that new fuzzy cloak did not come with spider sense, as he became poisoned (alas, not via a spider) but he avoided a poisoned gas bladder plus survived the whole deal, so he got XP- catching up!

Florent, aided by his Jiminey Crickett Phylactery of No Torture, (i.e. a Phlactery of Faithfulness that Turtle has bought him to help keep him on the straight & narrow) left to go to Helm’s house, although he heard of the plan to check out the shady trader’s shack and warned against it. Pertinax, Turtle, Treveylan knew of the plan/went to sleep. In game, they are not yet aware of him being poisoned, although when he wakes up the next morning all green and spitting up blood…

So that morning when we wake up will officially be Day 1 in town, and Day 3 (?) away from the Temple.

where we were b4 last session

Just so I’m sure, a couple of weeks ago, we ambushed the ambushers, chopped off the hill giant heads, made a stretcher for the dead sorcerer, voted about going back to town via emails such as flying sparks and Leave it to a woman.. Along the way, the Alliance saw the lights of a caravan, Treveylan did sneaky-sneak, the party met a wealthy female merchant, Lady Safeton, and her 200 person entourage headed for Baldur’s Gate. Treveylan gave them some wine/gifts & we explain what we’ve learned, along with informing them of the death of the Elven lady, who Safteon knew and was sad to hear about. Their cleric used Speak With Dead to ask the sorcerer 4 or 5 questions, one of which he asked personally but did not share with us what the deal was. Through this spell, info on a Temple connection to a sheik-like figure was gained. (Its not a pasha, maybe a vizier?) We stayed with them for a little bit, but then broke camp and made for town.

At this point things get a bit fuzzy.

I’m not sure what time we arrived, but we did 3 things right away when we hit Hommlett: 1) stopped at Rufus & Burns to report in. we asked them (among other things) if they had heard of sheik-guy and if knew who our mysterious benefactor was. they answered ‘nay’ to both. 2) we stopped by the Druid’s Oyster Farm and pro-curred several pearls so as to identify stuff. 3) it was time to go to Meelab the MoneyChanger’s, and he showed us, among other things, a discounted spider cloak, tarantula model.

On the 13th, Brian sends out the list of gear, Gear and value, which gets revised later on, Bookkeeping, Shielding Alliance style , and then revised again Recalculating the recalculation: sans couverture, when its clarified that we do not actually own the spider cloak yet & Pertinax decides maybe its not the best idea to put on a cloak coming off a medusae statue in an evil temple. {I believe that you guys found the statues the Sunday I spent on the floor of Dan’s bathroom}

The human steel is alright but it is no match for the Fine Elven Steel is the first real ‘in game’ discussion about the treasure along with Roberto’s re-cap including frustration with the gifts. (Hopefully that 4,700+ will buy some serious goodwill down the road) This is apparently done late at night around a tavern table. Then we have discussion about when to return to the temple, “and then you could enlarge it during combat” which was Florent’s usual ‘let’s go now’ but then we focus on the medusae cloak again in Elven Rewind, ””Hell has three gates: lust, anger, and greed”, and Of identify and bad things .

From there we move onto talking about getting the spider cloak fund drive for the cloak, with Turtle trying to see if we can do it & then Florent listening to her suggestion via Baby Mama Drama to use Woe/Well spell, checking divinely to see if putting on the cloak is ok.

This is where we were before last session. Follow me so far?

so the cloak is cursed and Helm is wrong

We are still in town… Florent did some augury with Helm and had the following questions answered: Is the Cloak from the Medusa Statue cursed? (long story short…YES)

Should we head back to the Temple immediately? No.. (OOG: Helm thinks it wise to replenish our stocks and upgrade our gear, as we will need it to fight our enemies…) It would seem that Helm and the Wunderkind Florent differ in opinion and strategy. Florent still thinks that Helm can’t quite be right (can’t wait to see Helm smite him)

We will be staying in town for slightly more than a ten day for upgraded gear…

Pertinax wrote some spells in his book (with donations from the team):

Darkvision Knock Rary’s Mnemonic Enhancer

We also bought a Wand (Cure Light Wounds)

So, we are still in town…. waiting for our gear to be completed

Thanks for the recap.

ROBERTO: So, it was cursed. And I already was picturing Pertinax in his beautiful cloak of resistance. I think we should still grab the stuff in that room but then use augury to see if the identifies are giving out an erroneous signal. Just 5 more levels until Pertinax can do Analyze Dweomer!

Oh well. I might upgrade mine after I am out of debt. Thanks to all that donated to have the scrolls added to my spellbook.

BRIAN: Treveylan will probably ask for darkvision quite often so that he can scout ahead… His new upgraded armor will make him beddy sneaky… (or more so than before)

ROBERTO: That would be fine. Darkvision is one of those spells with decent duration at 1 hour per caster level. That would be 8 hours for the time being.

DAN: speaking of debt…...Trevaylan?

BRIAN: What about it? yeah he still owes money… but there was no constraints or limits as to when it needed to be paid back. And yes he upgraded his gear before paying back on the debt still outstanding

ROBERTO: I’m confused. What’s going on?

DAN: ooooooooooh, you’re in trouble…........

BRIAN: Hardly in trouble, I think.

Treveylan upped his armor before paying part of the debt down… though none of you would know this IN GAME… as I had mentioned it as a player afterward. I had nearly forgotten about the debt, but saw the note in my folder after the decisions were made.

I can always have his armor reduced to +1… paying back 2000 gp toward his debt.

[OOC: as there had not been a set time frame as to when debts were paid back, I thought it would be best to up his armor as he is taking on more of the Scout aspect and is sneaking ahead to search out the areas ahead]

ROBERTO: well… I may be remembering things wrong but when we voted on whether to allow party debt we also voted on when and how that debt would be repaid. We established that debt has to be paid as soon as possible and before you can spend any future shares of treasure, which is why Florent didn’t actually get any gold until the time that his debt was paid off.

Has this been changed since? How much does he owe? And the characters do have knowledge of how much debt the others have accrued. Pertinax keeps immaculate and meticulous books. It is I who doesn’t follow things as closely as he does.

DAN: The ensorcellment has started. Ending it now would ruin it.

ROBERTO: Indeed. These dealings will have to apply to future gold.

BRIAN: I had forgotten about the debt (player error) but as I was pulling out docs from my folder, saw the sheet I placed in there to remind me.

He owes 4041gp and will pay it all in full on his next cut (or as much as he can afford) (It was a player error, and I am sorry about that… it won’t happen again)

But as far as repaying the gold back right away, I do not recall ever settling on a time frame. Unless this was decided while I was in Florida for my brothers wedding back in February.

CHRIS: The old ‘I forgot I was in debt’ trick. Likely story. Not to be confused with the “Don’t worry, I’ve got your back, Furnock” until you remembered your alignment. Sounds awfully republican to me. Are you sure Treveylan’s not from Texas?

Kudos to the DM for stirring up the pot.

Perhaps you should write down player debt somewhere in the first ten pages of your character sheets, instead of the pps 31-40

Florent says, “Leave it to the nobility to forget ‘e’s in debt, and then question when ‘e ‘as to pay it back. So rich that trivial things like 4000 gold slip your mind? Where is the ‘onor?”

That is funny stuff.

BRIAN: And to clarify… I said I would go with him, but realized that there might be a better way to go about getting into the building.

Furnock went ahead without him, without looking to see if Treveylan was on board or not. So all the blame is not with Treveylan…

but he will accept all the blame for everything up to this point

ROBERTO: Somehow I don’t think this was covered in the recap. what building? what are you guys talking about?

BRIAN: Oh yeah… we were going to see if the crooked Shop keep, raymoss, might have had anything to do with the temple. Furnock was going to sneak/break in, but Treveylan decided it would not be wise to break in. Perhaps a key could be found?

In any case Treveylan had a few drinks at the inn, while Furnock went on with is business. Furnock got poisoned by a trapped box, but survived and had to sleep it off for 7 days to regain his ability.

ROBERTO: What are the chances that the authorities or raymoss noticed this little side trek by Furnock?

BRIAN: Not sure about the authorities… but Raymoss has not been in town for a while

hello there cursedy

Treveylan: “I was merely stating a point, I am not angry. I have no problem with shelling out coin if that be the case… as I agree to better know the item is best for all. Don’t your magics tell you all there is about the properties of the item you look at Pertinax? As you are a great mage, who studies the Art, I would think you would be able to assess any item we come across.”

“I don’t know if Helm’s priests will be able to fully analyze this dweomer (OOC: Get it? analyze dweomer?). We might need either Rufus or someone at the Gate or in the Deep who can help us.”

Turtle nods. “Actually I meant having Florent use a divination to auger {OOC: augury, get it?} with Helm to see whether putting on the cloak would bring Weal or Woe.”

“Treveylan, to answer your question, the Art enchanment that I use to identify the properties of magical items is a very simple spell that even apprentices know. With practice you learn more about the auras but if someone attempts to hide a curse on an item it is hard to detect with such a simple spell. You need a more powerful divination to know for sure.”

OOC:Some cursed items are what they are and as such can be identified with the first level spell without difficulties. Some appear as something useful with a simple identify though. There is a 1% per caster level chance of catching such hidden curse with identify. That leaves Pertinax with a mighty 8% chance of catching a hidden curse. Analyze dweomer will catch them but that’s a 6th level spell. Market price to get someone of high enough level to cast it for us is 660 gp without counting any market effects.

”’Ow I love le drama! This group is never dull, praise be to ‘Elm.” Turning to the Medusa cloak Florent pretends to study it. “Oui, I could ask for ‘Elm for general guidance regarding cloak. I also ‘ave greater depth of prayer to get more specific advice regarding putting on cloak, given time to prepare.”

trying to buy Furnock a new cloak

n 6/19/06, Roberto Vargas <rlvargas0> wrote:

I also took out the cloak of arachnida, which it turns out we do not have
(silly me).

hey, points for the silence-silence effort. I’m sure Chris was proud.

Furnock now has 4188.8 for his frilly shirt, booze and the kind of women Florent wishes he was getting it on with. Not enough for that cloak of tarantula he had his eye on though.

At a lull in the meal, Turtle excuses herself and goes outside. A few minutes later she walks in, her hands holding something. She opens them up to reveal a tiny captured spider, letting it crawl around her hands and onto the table. “I think it wise to see if we can get Furnock that magical spider cloak. For starters, the things is discounted 2,000 gold only because its furry. Since it lets him go onto walls at will, we sadly have more need for that Rope of Climbing.” A mock dramatic sigh here. “Selling the rope would bring us {60% of 3,000 gp} and with Furnock’s current amount left over, plus whatever loot he is still holding onto, should get us at least half-way. More if he’s been gambling lately.” A quick wink.

OOG: Furnock’s sheet lists 1,683 GP + 12 PP + a ‘flawed diamond’ for 1,000 gp, so he does have half just by himself.

“Given how close he is, plus how this cloak will not only let him move around webs, but actually cast one too- as well as help keep him safe from spider bites- I’m making a motion that we kick in to get him the cloak. It fits both his style and expands our tactics.”

ROBERTO: OOC:I think it’s worth considering but Luke needs to first decide whether he is going to use all of the gold he has accumulated to buy the cloak. Chris already said that Florent will pitch in his extra gold for whomever needs it. Of course, Pertinax doesn’t have any extra gold.

DAN: He also needs to decide if we wants to be caught dead in public wearing the wretched thing.

LUKE: I’m imagining the spider cloak sorta like a giant furry pimp’s cloak. Which is right up Furnock’s wardrobe. All Steam ahead for the spider cloak please. My character vision for Furnock is to get him into more attck angles so he can try to push foes towards our shield wall and act as an auxiliary to the mage… how that comes about if leave in your hands..

unpointed anger

During his initial rambling, Turtle waits for Treveylan to finish, although there are a few times that she appears to grip her chair extra hard and at one point she does roll her eyes. However, she says nothing, shifting to watch bemusedly as Pertinax arches his eyebrow. After Treveylan clarifies his position, Turtle leans back, letting the elf respond to the statement about his abilities.

{insert reply from Roberto about Pertinax’s studying the Art}

She sips her water slowly as he talks, and clears her throat when he is done. “I believe Pertinax was commenting earlier on your remark towards my shields.” A tap on an outstretched foot onto one of the spikes. “It seemed somewhat disparaging and I’m not sure why it was said, given all that they’ve done. You’ve spoken more eloquently to merchants, dear Treveylan. My shields and honor deserve as much consideration.” Turtle gives as much of a bow from her chair as she can. “Do I take care of my weapons, as Helm teaches? Certainly. And I do indeed feel that we should continually have our items enchanted further, as faith can alone does not hold the line.” She flips an empty goblet over in her hand, catching it neatly as beads of water splash the table.

Her finger wags at the half-elf. “I’m pretty sure we ALL were thinking that there was something amiss with that room. Furnock isn’t the only one with a sense for traps. Often plain old wisdom will do the trick nicely, thank you very much. And this room does not seem right.” Motioning to the cloak again, “If this had come off a dead Temple denizen, who was wearing it, then that would make sense. If it was hidden inside a secret chamber, then that would make sense. Or even if it was just hanging in a room of a higher-echelon follower, then that would make sense. But left out in the open with other free treasure, as ‘gifts’ from our gods?” She shakes her head fiercely. “I’m sorry, but that explanation makes about as much sense as you going back alone.” She holds a hand up to be able to continue.

“While the devil light was no doubt a tricky adversary, I ask you all to question whether it alone would be the sole guardian of not only this cloak, but 9 other magical items. Was it really powerful enough to serve that role? She shakes her head again. “Much in the Temple is not what it appears to be, and what could at first look to be good with casual observation may in fact be a trap. You say the room was a trap, I say the cloak itself is the trap. Hopefully we can learn which before I try it on- perhaps with the aid of a Helm divination?” A look towards Florent.

"“Hell has three gates: lust, anger, and greed”
wherein our heroes discuss the safety of a big pile of magic items left in an evil elemental temple

“So as you can see…. we have a ton of gear we have left behind, and may have given up to the Temple of Evil…”

OOC: For the sake of having some roleplay ‘momentum’ for next session, I’m going to pretend Treveylan is making this comment in game.

Turtle frowns and again pokes at the cloak, this time with her spoon. “How could we give up something that was not ours to begin with? Surely you don’t believe they just left this highly magical piece of defensive-wear lying around?” She waves one arm around for added emphasis. “Which is more likely: that the denizens of the Temple, knowing we’d come through that area, decided to essentially give us over 10 pieces of magical aid to help us defeat them,” she moves the other arm, “or this is yet another deception designed to trick us somehow.” She throws her spoon near the fork.

“My father used to give my sisters and I advice he learned from running the family business. And one of those was, ‘If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, so run the other way.’ I say the cloak is trapped in some manner. If there is other magic beyond the monacle which can determine its true purpose, than I say we spend gold to be certain its safe. If not, then I will volunteer to try the thing on first.”

Treveylan, “Just about ALL that we have found has been from that Temple… whether it is the coin you have procured to purchase your beloved shields, or your armor. If you are to argue that the Evil is there, yes I agree. If you are to say that the items were left as a potential trap, I can also agree with you, as I was first to consider it. But perhaps the items are also trophies of the innocent that have been slain in the many years of war and battle that was sustained here. But to allow them to fall into the Temple’s hands and their followers is a far greater detriment to our cause. If we can rid them from the Temple, then we should do so. If you do not think we should, then I will do it alone. But if that is the case, do not ask for a copper of their value if you did not want to go after them in the first place.

I do not think they merely left the items behind… it would seem that many factions in this temple are at war with each other. Some beasts may keep others at bay, while the same said beasts and enemies may not have any need for these items or said gifts. My father and clan had many sayings, but one that sticks to my mind is this:

Use what you can along your path, what you may find may be useful, and if it is so, perhaps the gods have placed it there for your benefit. Perhaps not, but that is the fate of the gods to decide.

I come from a place far harsher than this, and we have used what we can from the earth and from our surroundings. If we are to leave it to our enemies, then we may fall to the said gifts that may have been provided for us. That above all would be pure folly.”

Didius is furiously scribing on a piece of parchment.

Pertinax arches an eyebrow.”Before we let our tempers get the best of us let’s remember that the statues were not unguarded. There was that creature of light, the will of the wisp, which is very hard to get rid of unless you have the right spells and the right arcane might behind your magenars.”

“In any case, it does seem strange that such a powerful item is left in that room. I do not have the necessary spells to pry further into the cloak but it would be useful to ask a more experienced wizard to do so on our behalf. Of course, gold is going to be involved.”


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