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On 6/6/06, Luke Hardy <lwjh2of3> wrote:

OOC: I'll send Furnock alongThursday. He levelled up last time I played him.

thanks to stopping a sub-plot, we’re currently at 31,674 with 9th level being 35,000. so basically in the next 4-5 sessions, we should be levelling. hopefully, we’ll also have a chance at some point to buy stuff, you know, before we fight a slime demon, so that’ll be another round of ‘what to do’ buywise.

basically, and this applies to Chris as well, in your absence, do you trust the people running your guys to make decisions beyond combat? or do you want to be consulted for everything? within reason we can wait for responses, and if you don’t mind an occasional phone call we could even theoretically try you call on Sunday nights. but before we move on for the summer I’d like to know what we’re ‘allowed to do’ for both Florent & Furnock.



Sub-plot schmub-plot. Florent and Chris still think chasing after the raiding party was a big mistake. No kudos for you! We stopped the Germans from bombing Pearl Harbor, but the Axis is taking over all of Europe while we dally in the land of scrambled eggs. (Bonus points if you caught the Animal House reference).

From Roberto: I see Steve makes some of the same points I am making. This scares me.

- Steve Gerke <stevengerke> wrote:

“Guys I was totally thinking about plunder and wondering if we should just suck it up and go to Baldur’s Gate or Waterdeep just to get some crucial parity of arms going in our party. Whatta ya say?”

you mean a more equitable/even distribution of magic items?

Dan has hinted that without the same mercantile contacts as the trader, we would do worse in bartering.

Also, the added time in the journey would surely mean that the Temple would change, strengthening itself.

I am, however, thinking that mamking some more magic items via the new resident armorer makes sense.

What ‘arms’ did you have in mind?


was searching for what would make a good ‘party item’ and found something that would qualify:

“Monocle of Perusal: This crystal lens provides the user with a +5 competence bonus on Appraise checks. Once per day the user can use identify. {SMG: the spell which basically tells you all about any magic item short of an artifact} A monocle occupies the same space on the body as a pair of eye lenses or goggles. Price 6,500, Complete Adventurer”

sooo…instead of burning 100 gp of pearls all the time, we get to pay one set fee. plus, Pertinax will get to do better with evaluating “worthless” treasure. :P

I’d say this is a worthwhile thing to buy.


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